Wobbly higher frets

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    Feb 10, 2016
    i have a mexican fender jazz bass and i realized that the higher frets on g string (epsecially 15th to 19th) sound kind of "wobbly". It almost sounds like I have a chorus pedal on. Lets just say that it kinda sounds like how the harmonics sound wobbly on the 5th and the 7th fret when the strings are out of tune. (When two pitches collide i mean). Its very odd because Im not plying harmonics or anything, Im physically fretting down on a note and it sounds wobbly. Did anyone else experience this as well? If so, whats the solution to this problem? (I have ghs flats on it btw)
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  2. vaesto


    Jun 21, 2010
    IMHO there are several reasons for that:
    1. The pickup magnet is too close to the string and its magnetic field pulls the string affecting the pitch. You can try lowering the pickup at the G string end.
    2. The sting itself has bad breaking point at the nut or bridge saddle. while vibrating it touches either of them in several points which results in different pitch harmonics making that chorusy effect. Closely check the string path, reset the breaking angles if required/possible. if not - replace the string.
    3. broken or over-stretched string. its wingdings interact with each other producing these out-of-tune harmonics.
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    Jun 15, 2019
    Ceiling fan does it for me.... gotta turn that thing off
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    #4 The string twisted upon itself during installation...very common. Best thing you can do is slacken the string completely then re-tune while allowing the ball end to turn freely 'til it engages the bridge anchor plate. Variation: remove the "coil" from the tuner post. It should assume a twist-free orientation. Manipulate the entire string length, if necessary, slide the coil back on the tuner post and tune to pitch.

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    Classic Fender Pickup String Pull Phenomenon (FPSPP). I have only ever experienced this with Fender basses, for some reason. Lower the pickups/raise the action to get more space between the bottom of the strings and the top of the magnets.
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