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    Feb 10, 2003
    Rome, Italy
    WOW, I just got back from a wrestling tournament at Aviano airforce base. I hurt so bad, Iv been laying in bed since 2am (when I got home) till about 4pm mainly because the only things I can move are my legs and its hard to sit up. We were the only non-military school there and we were in awe because they have a weight room the size of our highschool. Ours is smaller than a fourth of their bathroom part in there locker rooms about. Also we had 3 wrestlers come since it was so far from Rome to there (about 9 hours there with our crazy bus driver), while the other teams had about 40 wrestlers. It was really fun I took 4th and there were 11 in my weight class and only 2 other girls in my weight class.

    Id really like to hear how wrestling is going for others and anyone have any good weight lifting tecniqes (did I spell that right) for toning not bulking up, or good streches for your back?

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    Oct 19, 2003
    I wrestled for 6 years and do other martial arts and sumbmission grappling now. I dont have any advise but www.sherdog.com has lots of fight news, info, weight lifting and training techniques and forums to discuss in
  3. only wrestling i followed was the 'professional' kind you'd see on tv.
    yes, its fake.. but dammit i still love it.

    i found an amateur (real) wrestlin school around here that im considering joinin tho
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    "Pro" wrestling is fake in that the outcome of matches is predetermined and scripted, but pro wrestlers must have highly developed technique so that they don't hurt either themselves or the others with whom they wrestle.

    They work very hard and train very hard. Of course, it is not classic Greco-Roman wrestling or Olympic wrestling. It has to be much more theatrical, thus other skills such as the ability to give dramatic or convincing "promos" are an asset.

    But pro wrestlers who hit the big time and can actually earn a decent income from their wrestling are very highly trained at what they do in order to have perfect timing, endurance, speed and credibility in the ring ( around it and above it.)
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    Jul 29, 2003
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    My son is a high school wrestler, & has been doing so since the age of 8 or 9. He's 16 now. Getting in the absolute best shape you can be in, is crucial. Strength AND endurance. My son just had his body fat tested one week ago... His body fat ratio is 5%. His weight at the time is 118 pounds, & he wrestles 112 pounds. He's been sweating off the rest in the days prior to an event.

    You've GOTTA know your techniques like second nature... Regarding strength, fast twitch lifting is VERY important. So, for every strength set you do in a given exercise, take about half the weight off, & do it again,,, but as fast as you can. No one single body part is more important, they're ALL equally important.

    BUT, if you need to stretch out your back, just sit on the ground, & grab your knees, & roll back & forth. Also, you can do this...lace your fingers together, & put your locked hands in the back of your neck. Then, pull your head/neck forward & down, thus driving your chin down to your chest. That'll get your neck & shoulders good.