SOLD Xotic5 XJ-1T Lightweight

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    I am overloaded in the J-bass department and my fbass takes first chair so I'm letting this one go. Please note I'm selling it at a low price because it has paint chip damage on the bottom of it. It ironically fell out of the unzipped gig bag while I was walking into UPS to ship it for a trade a few months back. You can't this while its strapped on, and have to flip it upside down to see it, but its definitely there and is about a 3inch area. I can send more pics if your interested. It is otherwise in great shape. This is a new logo Xotic "lightweight". I believe its a 2016, but not 100% sure. it weighs in the low 8lb range. It truly is a fantastic playing and sounding instrument with a sublime neck and well balance body. Its been a joy on long gigs!
    *1-piece maple neck with maple fret board
    *34" scale with 22 frets
    *hipshot lightweight tuners
    *ash body with a cola-brown finish
    *18mm spacing
    *Xotic single coil pups and pre. Vol (push/pull for active/passive), blend, tone, Treble/Mid/bass

    Cash is king, but would entertain the following plus or minus cash...
    5 string Musicman sterling/stringray, P or PJ, a fretless, a Rick, or anything else you want to throw at me except Jbasses. IMG_0409[1].JPG IMG_0410[1].JPG IMG_0411[1].JPG IMG_0412[1].JPG IMG_0406[2].PNG IMG_0417[2].JPG IMG_0414[1].JPG IMG_0413[1].JPG IMG_0415[1].JPG
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    I can vouch for this one, folks. The Xotic preamp is one of my fav's.

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    Sent you a PM
  4. Fantastic with confidence!
  5. Rafael antigua

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    Hello can you call me at 978 314 0279 Rafael i like to talk about that bass im interesting
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    Im interesed! Pm sent!