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Yet Another IEM System Question

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by claudel, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Hi

    Yet another IEM query...

    This is my current planned scheme for a wireless IEM setup for both bass & guitar with a few noob questions.

    Both actual answers and other comments are welcome and appreciated.

    My hope is to build a small portable system that will work for both solo quiet practice
    and live use with others. I'm more or less on my own and need a system that will be
    able to integrate into various other existing systems at different times, but I have no specific
    requirements for compatibility.

    I'll be using an iPad to provide the stereo instrument feed via a Guitar Jack 2 which I'll probably
    update at some point and I'll also be buying earbuds, but those subjects would best be discussed
    in another thread.

    The Plan so far:

    Stereo monitor feed, stereo instrument, mono ambient mic ( if needed ) into Rolls PM351, with
    stereo instrument to mains from PM351 DI passthru.

    Question 1: Is DI out from Rolls PM 351 equal or better in sound quality to that from a
    Radial Engineering ProAV2 for bass&guitar? Will I be disappointed in the sound? I like the sound
    of the ProAV2 well enough even though it has lesser bandwidth than the more expensive Radials...

    I can keep the ProAv2 I already have if it sounds better, but that would be unnecessarily
    redundant if the Rolls is adequate...

    I realize that this is a subjective question...

    I plan on driving a MiPro 808 T/R Wireless IEM - http://www.freqcitysound.com/mipro808tr.html/
    from the Rolls PM351. I'm not 100% sold on the MiPro, but I'm strongly leaning that way after
    too much reading of reviews on the interweb.

    Question 2 is a compound question for MiPro owners/users/experts and is in regard to the built in limiting.

    Is the built in limiting good enough for hearing protection or do I need an external limiter?

    Does the built in limiting screw up the sound in any way. Is it defeatable/adjustible?

    If I need an external limiter for safety, what's a good suggestion? I'm trying to keep costs and
    size under limit ( hah ).

    Aphex Dominator has been recommended elsewhere, but I'd like to stick to half-space
    devices if possible for size considerations...

    Bonus question:

    Anyone know of an available half-wide rack case/bag? I'm considering modding a standard 5 space by
    installing rails on the long axis, but that's too much work for a lazy boy and I'd still have half the thing vacant...

    Thanks for bothering to read all this and thanks for any help or comments.
  2. The DI on my Rolls PM351 is nice, but IMO my Radial J48 is better.
  3. Is the difference noticeable in the FOH/monitor mix or just solo?

    The J48 is a notch up from the AV2 I've been using as far as price & specs and is active...

    I'm not sure if "better" than the AV2 will be a perceptible difference for me as it sounds pretty good...
  4. I have just got the mipro 808 system and I'm very happy with it. The limiter works well, but I have it turned off (yes you can defeat it). I am using a presonus blue max compressor limiter between my rolls and mipro.

    Gator makes a half rack iem bag. They also make a 4 and 6 unit half rack hard case.

    I use a 2u rack. My iem and compressor are velcroed to the top of an eq. Rolls box sits on top.

    A great trick with the mipro. Set the transmitter to stereo, the receiver to mono. I run the mix from my rolls into one side of the mipro, and an ambient mic into the other. The pan switch on the receiver can be used as a blend between the 2 sources.
  5. Excellent info...

    Thanks much.

    I may blow off the half-rack idea due to there being several interesting candidates for an external limiter that are full rack size.

    I'm thinking about toting around an Aphex Dominator or Symetrix 525 from the antique corner for the sake of my ears.

    I can put the Mipro and my Line6 G55 on one full width shelf, PM351 and
    some other stuff I need on another, and use one space for a compressor/limiter.

    That's only three spaces and will probably all fit in a shallow rack bag like an Odyssey BR312
    which should all fit in the plastic tub I use for transporting my extra stuff...

    I might need a bigger tub, but they're only ~$15 or so.
  6. rolandm

    rolandm In search of the lowest note.

    Aug 8, 2010
    Peoria, IL
    I've been running my own system for around a year now, and it's all in one with my iOS rig and IEM solution. And while it works great in stereo, rarely am I lucky enough to get a sound engineer who will run a stereo monitor mix for me.

    I've migrated the whole thing to a different rack in order to add in a Digitech Studio S100 for compression, noisegate and EQ, but this is where it all began.


    Upper left, Focusrite iTrack Solo, upper right Audio Technica Wireless.

    Digitech Studio S100 (not shown)

    BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer.

    Galaxy Audio GA900 IEM transmitter (low budget, but very workable solution).


    In the back, there's the power supply, but more importantly at the top center is an Art Cleanbox Pro. It's two channels, so it will act as a direct box to balance the outgoing signal, and it will unbalance an incoming signal from an XLR and send it to the Digitech/BBE.GA900 chain.
  7. ^^^^

    Great stuff, that's pretty much what I'm trying to do...

    I'm sold on the iPad for my main platform these days and I want to be wireless.

    All the other stuff is just to support that.

    I've been kind of holding off, waiting to see what new iOS interfaces might float to the surface at NAMM

    I need MIDI in/out along with the instrument routing so I can conquer the world
  8. I gotta say - The Behringer Powerplay 16 is astounding for the money. The money involved to get the input module and a controller is so minimal, it is worth doing for your own selfish reasons, regardless of whether the rest of the band is using or not.