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Zeta zb-224: what's comparable for pricing purposes?

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by William DeKatt, May 31, 2012.

  1. I recently sustained a rotator cuff injury that has effectively squashed my ability to continue playing upright. (crossing slightly left and downwards for pizz aggravates it, and pulling on a bow is simply excruciating) Thankfully, it was always more of a convenient double than a full-on passion, so I'm not too heartbroken over it; as long as I can still play my electric, I'm okay...

    Anyway, I'm looking to either sell my Zeta (it's the full-size 41", not the fretless-sized Crossover) outright or trade it at the local bass boutique, but I have no idea what I should be asking for it, and neither do the cats who work there. Checking around on some of the big you-sell sites hasn't helped any, because a) there aren't any others listed, and b) I'm not really sure what they're considered to be comparable to. I tried calling the Electric Violin Shop in AZ, (their website touts them as being *the* place for all things Zeta now that the company's not around anymore) and they recommended I ask around here...

    Any advice?

    FWIW, it's in fairly pristine condition, and it's got all the accessories - the R/B ultra cordura gig bag, the omni-swivel stand with it's carrying bag, and the 5-out cable; dunno if that should/would have any impact on what I should ask for it.
  2. bluebird28


    Feb 25, 2012
    Tacoma. WA
    My heart goes out to you on the rotator cuff injury. I have had both of my shoulders operated on. Right shoulder I tore 3 cuffs completely off and split the bicept down the middle. Left shoulder tore 2 cuffs and split the bicept. Its all semi good now and I am now restarting on the UB again after 45 years of not playing any musical instrument. The surgery takes 1 year to get back to normal. Best of luck with the shoulder. I recommend the surgery over the pain and possible reinjury as I did.

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