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  1. Hi TB,

    Just viewing a lot of the info regarding the Zoom B3 (thank you Charlie C.) and it looks fantastic but there's one item that it's missing that is important to me - an AUX in for jamming along to CD's via headphones.

    Judging from all of the comments for the B3, it looks to be super professional and sound great.

    My Question is: would the B1on sound similar?

    I'll be using this for a Top 40 cover band that I play in (along with my original Alt Rock band) with a EBMM Sting Ray 5 into a Markbass 102P combo amp.

    I've had the BOSS ME-50B for years, love it but need a change and love the fact that I can take it on the road and jam along to an iPod learning tunes in my hotel room using head phones.


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    Aug 27, 2011
    Yes, it will sound similar if not the same, and it will share many of the same effects. I believe the B1on will be much less cash because of feature set and form factor, not because of sound. I have a MS-60b and plan on getting one of these when they become available in the States.
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    It's not quite as convenient as just plugging your iPod into an Aux-in, but you can plug the B3 into your laptop via USB and set it as the laptop's sound output. You can then plug headphones into the B3 and play along with whatever's playing on the laptop.
  4. Has anyone been able to compare the B3 against the B1on?
  5. psychobot


    Mar 30, 2007
    I got a B1on and started playing with it this weekend. The FX tone seems the same as the B3, but the B1on might be a touch more noisy than the B3. I actually don't have a B3 anymore, but I did have one previously so I'm going off memory.

    There are 5 FX slots with the B1on and an aux/MP3 input (better than B3), but no USB audio, XLR out, or active/passive switch (missing from B3).

    I see that Zoom has recently clarified why the B3 can't do 6 FX at a time like the Zoom G3, but if the B3 could be updated to do 4 or 5 FX at a time I think I would choose it over the B1on, mainly because of the USB audio capabilities.

    But 5 FX at a time for $50? This thing is really a steal.
  6. Ooookaaayyy. I'm totally aware that this thread is ... well ... not the latest one ...

    Still, I own a B1Xon. And I think the sounds are great but handling and options ... well ...

    One Problem is the missing switch connector. The B1Xon does have an expression pedal. The B3 does not have an expression pedal but does have a connector where you can EITHER connect an expression pedal OR a switch. And, as if that were not enough, the only connectable switch is the FS01 which is one single switch pedal. Actually that doesn't sound too bad but for comparison: I also have a DigiTech RP360 XP guitar multi effects processor which has an expression pedal AND a connector for an FS3X three switch pedal (which I also own).

    If it wasn't for the bass specialised effects and models I would trash the B1Xon for the 360.

    But I agree with @psychobot: for $50 - or 69 € I actually paid - it IS a steal.


    PS: please forgive my far from perfect english since I am german. And please don't hesitate to correct me since I'm always trying to improve my english. Thanks.