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  1. mikewalker
    @AtomicPunk Nope, I got that bass second-hand, really have no information on it...
  2. AtomicPunk
    Do you know the name of this finish?
  3. Carl Chen
    Hi Ramos and anyone reading this... First of all, thank you, Ramos, for sharing the pictures of your Scorpion bass. I have the same Scorpion 5 string bass acquired from a friend, who also bought...
  4. BuddhaofBass
    [IMG] The body of the bass is Sculpted Ash, Neck Maple as well as the fretboard, Red Pin Stripe,accented black Pick Guard, Chrome Hardware, Two Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Jazz Bass Single...
  5. BuddhaofBass
    @James Willie I have no idea what I'll call it? It seems more masculine to me. Maybe "The Dude"?

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