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Nov 22, 2020
Nov 4, 2008
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Electra Player

from Baltimore, Maryland

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Nov 22, 2020
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    Baltimore, Maryland
    Current Setup:
    My amp is a Peavey Combo 300.
    I use a 1978 Aria SB-800, 2000 Fender Precision Bass, and a 90s MiJ Jackson Kelly. I own a few six-string guitars; an '80 Electra X-140S Phoenix, an '83 Electra X1-PW Futura, an '83 B.C Rich Ironbird, and a super rare Peavey T-25 Special. Also use an EHX Metal Muff, non-Vai Morley Bad Horsie wah, DOD Digital Delay, Arion Bass Chorus, 70's Tel-Ray Morley Power Wah Fuzz, 80's Tel-Ray Morley Slimline Wah, DOD Swell Pedal, EHX Bassballs, DOD Edge, DOD Flanger, and DOD Overdrive Plus.
    Favorite Genres:
    Metal, Blues, Funk, Classic Rock, etc.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I've owned a variety of Teisco produced instruments, and am very familiar with MiJ instruments, obscure and otherwise. I have also had experience with a very wide variety of instruments, so ask away!
    G.A.S. List:
    1977 Electra Outlaw MPC Bass
    Peavey T-40 or T-20 Bass
    Influences and Teachers:
    Cliff Burton specifically. I take influence from everyone and everything.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Working on guitars/basses, Cars, drawing, lots of stuff.


    Call me Tyler.
    I'm a self-proclaimed Matsumoku Expert. Ask away!
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