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    Current Setup:
    Current: '75 P-bass, '74 Mustang bass, '91 Sadowsky 24-5 #1482 w/ebony fb
    MAIN RIG: Ampeg V4 head (cut from VT-22) in to EITHER:
    an Ampeg V2 4x12 cab w/ two Eminence Basslite and two Eminence Deltalite
    '74-ish Ampeg V4 cab w/ 2 original Eminence squares and 2 Basslites

    '76-'78 Ampeg SVT w/ matching 8x10 cab (both silver grill) w/ original squaremag Eminence spkrs

    SMALL RIG: SWR Studio 220 in to a
    VOX 4x12 cab loaded with two Basslite S2012's, the other two holes sealed

    HIGH-POWER RIG: SWR SM900 run mono in to Ampeg 810e re-loaded with EH 10SVT spkrs

    Also: Sadowsky 24-5 #1482 w/ebony fb,
    Yamaha BBN5A,
    Austin P-bass (cheap-o yes!) w/ a good heavy DiMarzio P P/U & heavy flatwounds,

    Trace E. 4x10 red stripes,
    Trace E. 1x15 red stripes,
    Peavey Databass 1x15 combo (-great believe it or not!)
    GK 200MB 12" combo
    Ibanez RB850 set up as a tenorbass (two DiMarzio J's glued together @ bridge as a humbucker),
    Danelectro Baritone gtr
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Peavey "classic 300" SVT-copy rig (300w tube, 8x10)
    Geddy MIJ J-bass
    Acoustic 360 1x15 combo amp
    1960's Kay upright, twice (Underwood P/U)
    SWR "Henry the 8x8"
    GK 200? (-that old little head)
    older GK 2x10
    Peavey 4x12 (80's) gtr cab w/ metal sides -sounded great for bass!
    some Carvin "Mosfet" head
    -Vox AC50 CPH head
    -and of course that whole big aluminum Hartke rack-rig we all had in the '90s...
    G.A.S. List:
    Ampeg V4 cab (got it)
    A nice, small all-tube practice amp for home (Musicmaster?), maybe one I'll make out of some things...
    A short scale bass (got it)

    & probably always: More cheap VT22's to cut in to V4 heads! –that was fun.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Most of them if I really listen...