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Apr 12, 2021 at 6:39 PM
Dec 20, 2007
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Asheville, NC

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from Asheville, NC

sleepy_monkey was last seen:
Apr 12, 2021 at 6:39 PM
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    Asheville, NC
    Current Setup:
    *1996 Modulus Q5
    *Boss TU-2
    *Boss BF-2
    *MXR M-108 EQ
    *EBS Octabass
    *Digitech Hardwire CR-7 Chorus
    *Sitori Sonics Reel Repeat
    *BYOC Tremolo
    *BYOC Scrambled Octave
    I have a sickness....HELPPP!!!
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Bands: Earthbound, Garrett Tucker Band, Looney Mill, Raga, Thousand Hour Day Venues: Tons
    Previously Owned Gear:
    1988 Modulus TBX (from the same mold as the custom made Phil Lesh bass by Modulus...less than 10 of these made), 2004 Modulus VJ4 Unlined Fretless, 1981 Fender P (Sienna Sunburst), 1982 Fender Precision, 2011 Fender Highway One P Bass ,1975 Gibson Ripper, 1993 Alembic Epic, Fender FrankenJazz (the green Turtle bass!) Ibanez Ergodyne, Squier VM Jazz, De'Armond Pilot Plus(Fender), all kinds of other random basses and amps. SVT-CL, 3 Ampeg SVT810E, Ampeg SVT410HE, Ampeg SVT115, Kay Upright Bass, Crown XLS1500 DriveCore, Peavey T-40, Peavey 15" bass cab, Late 70s Kustom amp and cabinet, Hamer Cruise Jazz Bass, Ampeg SVT3PRO, Dunlop Stereo Chorus/Vibrato, 1978 Fender Bassman 135, Boss ME-50B Workstation, Brice Defiant 6 String, Boss RC-20XL, Boss FBM-1, Guyatone Chorus, Boss DD-20, EHX Small Stone, Boss BF-3, Moog MF-101, Ampeg SVT410HLF, Ampeg SVT1540HE, 1969 Ampeg Squareback 810, Ampeg SVT610-AV, Ampeg SVP-1600, Ampeg B500DR, Visual Sounds H20 Echo/Chorus, Fender FrankenJazz, Behringer Analog Delay, 2 Modulus VJ4 bodies, Ampeg SVP-CL, Ampeg SVT410HLF, Yamaha P5000S amp, Boss DD-7 with footswitch, Boss GEB-7, MXR Phase 90, Morley Wah, EXH Bass Micro Synth, Jim Dunlop Rotovibe, Jim Dunlop Wah (1979), Acoustic B115 and B410, Ampeg V4B (1974), 3Leaf Groove Regulator, Akai Miniak, Boss SYB-5, Source Audio BEF Pro, Source Audio MWBD, Source Audio Ex Pedal, Morley Bass Wah Pedal, Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay, 2001 Fender MIM Jazz Agave Blue, Orange OBC115, Orange TB500,
    G.A.S. List:
    Modulus Q4
    Influences and Teachers:
    Myself, Mike Gordon (Phish), Dave Schools(Widespread Panic), Colin Greenwood(Radiohead), Vic Wooten, Oteil Burbridge, Phil Lesh(Grateful Dead), Dirk Lance (formerly of Incubus), many others....
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Music, Soccer


    Gordo Club (Mike Gordon) Phresident
    Modulus Mob Member #37
    Ampeg Club Member #215

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