Items from Miles_ONeal

  1. Morley 20/20 Volume Plus

    smart volume pedal design in a short, wide pedal
    Optical Circuitry that will never wear down. Smooth Audio Taper ideal for violin type swells. Switchable Minimum Volume Control with LED indication 6.85″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″ (L x W x H) Powered by one 9-volt battery or optional Morley 9V adapter. Compatible with most 9V adapters. Silent switching, no “pops” or bleed when activated. Glow in the Dark Treadle Rubber and Toe-End Logo. Cold-rolled steel housing One-year warranty. Lifetime Warranty available with registration.
  2. Mxr M81 Bass Preamp

    Bass preamp + studio quality direct out
    The MXR Bass Preamp combines a pristine bass preamp with a studio-quality Direct Out in a Phase 90-sized box, providing clear tone without hogging precious pedal board space. Use it to add a new voice to an old passive bass, sweeten up any amp, or put some special sauce on a particular song. Dial it in just the way you want it and send it straight to the house-pre or post-EQ-with the built-in Direct Out. The Bass Preamp features separate INPUT and OUTPUT level controls and a 3-band EQ...
  3. Mxr Phase 95 / M290

    Phase 45 + Phase 90
    ``The Phase 95 combines the Phase 45 and Phase 90 circuits—toggled by the 45/90 switch—in a mini housing, featuring a Script switch to toggle between modern and vintage style phasing. ``This pedal can be powered by a Dunlop ECB003 9-volt adapter, or the DC Brick™, Iso-Brick™, and Mini Iso-Brick™ power supplies (not included).'' -Dunlop / MXR ``The Phase 95 combines the Phase 45 and Phase 90 circuits in a mini housing with about half the footprint of a standard MXR pedal. The 45/90 switch...
  4. Electro-harmonix Memory Boy Analog Delay Pedal With Chorus / Vibrato

    Analog delay (up to over 1/2 second) handling either chorus or vibrato (toggle switch selectable).
  5. Boss Geb-7 Bass Equalizer

    Bass EQ (7 band). Successor to the GE-7B.
  6. Electro-harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi

    Big Muff Pi optimized for bass. "The Prodigy reborn with underworld instincts comes to life wielding the drive of the original classic Big Muff Pi
  7. Epiphone Thunderbird Iv

    Epiphone version of the classic Gibson Thunderbird.
  8. Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply

    Filtered, isolated 9V DC power supply 8x9VDC out (6x100mA, 2x300mA) 1x120VAC output 5 ft power cord
  9. Kalamazoo Bass 30 (combo, Late Version)

    Mid-late 60s bass practice amp.
    Push-pull 7591 circuit. Vertical 2x10 (Jensen (or CTS?)), front-loaded, sealed cab. Earlier versions included horizontal speaker layouts and flip top controls in either 30W or 50W . Kalamazoo was a budget line for Gibson, including basses, guitars, and amps. Sound is OK, not great. Response is tapering off by the low E; don't expect much below that.