SOLD 1991 Tobias Standard 5

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    1991 Tobias Standard 5

    These are Pre-Gibson basses in the sense that they were worked on by Michael Tobias and his original Tobias crew from Tobias Guitars in Burbank California prior to Gibson moving the Tobias brand to Nashville.

    At the time these basses were made , Tobias basses were so popular, that the Tobias crew couldn't even keep up on the orders and the back order waiting period was a well over a year.

    Michael decided to make this standard bass as an alternative option to his regularly offered basses. This bass is a quality bass and has the same build quality, electronics, setup and finish as his regular basses. The difference is that this bass' body is made completely of ash instead of the nicer, coveted, highly figured hardwoods. Thus providing players the same Tobias quality, playability and sound without costing players $3,000 plus and having to wait years to get it.

    From previously talking to Mr. Tobias about these basses, he informed me that these basses were constructed in Japan and then sent back to Burbank for final finishing & set up by his Tobias crew. There were only around 400 of these made because the exchange rate had changed, no longer making it cost effective for them to keep making the basses in Japan. He also stated that they had they also offered a maple version of this bass which was made by a private luthier in New England. That specific bass model was branded the Model-T. We later find out that the private luthier that was making them turned out to be "some guy" name Michael Pedulla.

    Do not confuse this bass with the later 90's, bolt on, Gibson basses made in Nashville. The Tobias brand started to suffer in build quality and reputation due to the move to Nashville.

    None of the original Tobias crew moved to Nashville. Michael Tobias himself didn't even build basses in Nashville, he only helped them set up shop and did some consulting for them on the building process and the design of the Tobias Killer B bass. Michael's contract ended with Gibson in 1993 at which point he started the move to NY to begin his new venture designing the MTD bass brand that we all know today. Michael Tobias briefly touches on the history of these basses on his current web page for MTD basses as these bases are becoming harder and harder to find.

    Bass specs:
    Body: Ash, neck though .
    Neck: 5 piece Asymmetrical. Maple and Bubinga.
    Fret Board: 24 fret Rosewood. Mother of pearl dot inlays.
    34" Scale.
    Double action truss rod.
    Tobias branded tuners by Grover.
    Tobias branded High-Mass, solid brass bridge made by Wilkinson.
    Dunlop Straplocks.
    Pickups: USA Bartolini Original Soap bars.
    Electronics: 9V Bartolini TCT Preamp.
    Controls: Volume / Blend/Bass/Mid/Treble
    Mid. Freq. Selector Switch (250hz/500hz/750hz)
    Active /Passive pull switch on volume knob.

    Bass is 26 years old. It's in good condition however it does have some normal wear which is reflected in the photos.
    Includes a heavy duty, thick, plush lined Levy's Gigbag.

    Price includes shipping to USA only. If shipping is less than $150, I WILL refund you the difference. If it's more than than, I cover it.

    If you have a USPS/FedEx/DHL/UPS account and would like to ship using that. That's Fine, we can arrange that and save yourself the shipping cost.

    Please contact me with any questions.

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    how much does it weigh?
  3. 9 lbs.
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    What preamp is this bass, stocked with?
  5. Bartolini TCT
  6. Bump
  7. The price is ridiculous. This is a truly high-end instrument, very comfortable to play, also.
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    Sending all the positive vibes to Omar and everyone in PR waiting for power and internet (and life) to resume.

    To the rest of the TB community looking at this ad, if you haven't done so please go to and find a place to contribute...because positive vibes, thoughts and prayers don't buy food, shelter and medical care.

    If you specifically want to help musicians in need please consider giving to MusiCares: MusiCares: 2017 Hurricane Relief
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