2nd recording- thoughts?

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  1. This is the first time I've ever delved into recording multiple tracks. Until now my recording experience has been limited to short, single track demo recordings. Yesterday I was working on recording a friend's original composition. I used acoustic guitar for the melody line as there would be lyrics/vocal... and I can't sing to save my life. This was only the 2nd multiple track recording I've tried to do. I'll tell you, it's a completely different mindset than playing live. The "red light" comes on and a few times it was like being a deer stuck in the headlights :woot:.

    Thoughts? TIA

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    nice work! you must be onto something if that's your first multitrack --- great job on all accounts! :thumbsup:
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    Nice job. You're getting the hang of it. Next...
  4. Thanks @JRA Since posting this I did a small revision/edit. I wasn't happy with that first guitar lead run, so punched in one that landed in time better. Also I brought forward one bass lick that needed a little more presence. I also learned to split items to I could knock out sections where there was some noise.

    I think one of the first challenges for me was to ignore everything else that was going on and just focus on the click track. Instead of using the built in click-track in Reaper, which I did originally, I sync'd a subdivided click-track with my Boss DB-90 metronome. At 78bpm, being new to recording, I found it a little hard to be accurate with only a quarter note pulse of Reaper's click track. So what I did was set both to 78bpm and after intro hit the start button on the DB-90 to sync up. I found it was more like following a drum set than just a metronome.

    Now the challenge is to come back and "guitar-sync" video and learn to create a video production with the final recording.
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    i generally just use the quarter note click for my stuff, but i would not hesitate to subdivide for accuracy/feel on a piece/recording that would benefit!

    i think you're doing great! good luck on the video stuff --- that's a whole new platform for fun! :thumbsup:
  6. I've cleaned up the recording a bit... So here's an updated version. Basically I wasn't happy with one of the lead runs and did some minor balance tweaks and got rid of a little noise at the beginning...

  7. I've been working more with Reaper, trying to find nuances and be more discriminating of my recordings while developing my recording skill set. In the following recording I've modified the EQ of the bass as well as adjusted the levels, brought down the level of the acoustic guitar which in hindsight was too forward, corrected a rhythmic mistake in the melody and brought forward a few "hits" with lead runs, bass licks and background effects to give them prominence when I though appropriate. So here is the SIXTH iteration of the recording, for comparative reference, followed by the version originally posted at the top of the thread.

    I know it's almost 3 minutes, so I don't blame you if you want to listen to the whole thing. The two things that I would benefit from are the balance/volume and EQ tweaks of the bass, and how the balance of the melody as I thought the melody was a little too "in your face" in V2. Skip to 10 seconds and you should only need a few seconds for evaluation.

    Thanks in advance for your coaching.

    Version 6 (latest update)

    (original post)
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    Nice. You're way ahead of me in both playing and recording technique! :thumbsup:
  9. Thanks. It’s been a helluva week of learning. I spent the last few days learning some rudimentary video editing skills and use this to produce a relatively crude music video of this tune.I am more or less had to take what I know from my Photoshop experience and hack my way into a semi completed video. I have a few more tweaks to make but perhaps I’ll throw it up on my YouTube channel later on in the week.All in all I’m relatively happy with the result, having no previous experience or hands-on guidance.
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    The recording sounds really good. To me, the acoustic guitar should be playing up an octave. Right now both the guitars are living in the same sonic space, so it's hard to discern the melody sometimes. Just my $.02.
  11. Thanks for the comment. I played it in the range written for a tenor voice (the composer/singer). I actually thought about it 8va and actually tried it but didn't like it as well. I even tried putting an octaver on it and same thing. It's a good suggestion, but it sounds better in theory than in actual practice. In fact, I spoke to my sister to record the melody with her flute, but after listening to it she said she liked it as is. So there ya go. But truly I appreciate your comment.
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    Hey, you like what you hear! :cool: Maybe mix the electric guitar down a little, then. I know you said earlier that you thought the acoustic was too loud, but the melody should be louder than the accompaniment. But then again, I'm listening on some crappy computer speakers. :D
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    I feel like this track would really benefit from a shaker/tambourine/cocktail drumkit to give it a little more rhythmic drive. Bass tone definitely on point though!
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  14. It's going to sound best on good speakers. Sounds like doo-doo on my cell, but as I use better speakers the sound improves dramatically.
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    Thats the way it goes! I have found as I've gotten better at recording, my songs sound a little bit more tolerable on lesser systems, whether thats a $20 bluetooth speaker or a phone speaker.
  16. Interesting (and funny) you should say that. I've actually got some Meinl shakers on order due in tomorrow. I had a couple egg shakers, but I coach jazz band/musical band at a local school and I had my egg shakers there before COVID. And while I did manage to retrieve the bass and trumpet I keep there I forgot about the shakers. I think the Meinl's will be better anyway. They come in 4 volume levels.

    I dragged my DX7 out of the closet and thought "why not?".... So here's the updated version. I left the subdivided click-track on to give a pseudo percussion until I can figure something out. Better, worse, different, too much with keys???? I've become "track deaf" as I've been working on this too long today and need my own set of fresh ears.

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  17. While it's not customary to reply to one's own post, I want to point out that even with 16th not subdivision it's hard to stay right in the pocket all the time. I suspect I'll be doing more recording, if for no other reason than to improve my inner sense of timing. What I discovered is that I'm really good with visual timing cues and used to being in front of a conductor and am better when watching the display on my metronome. Sometimes I'll listen to one of my tracks and notice I've lost a 16th of time, which even at 140bmp is noticeable. Even after decades of performing semi-professionally I still have room to up my game. I guess recording is forcing me to do just that.