$300 in gift cards to GC

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  1. ...and I am going to spend it in a new bass. I already have a Fender P and a Fender J, so looking to go a little bit in a different direction. I want to buy something from their used inventory. Couple basses caught my eye that I have heard decent things about in these parts: USA Peavey Foundation and a Cort B4. I also saw a Hofner Ignition that caught my eye. My main goal is to get something different but gigable. I play all styles, but mostly pop rock at the moment. I don't want to add much out of pocket, but wouldbe willing to if it meant what I was buying was a great deal (i.e. $400ish for a Sterling Ray34). Thoughts on what I should buy?

    I am only interested in basses - I am all set with the rest of my rig. Opinions?
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    Apr 19, 2013
    The Höfner ignition is a great bass for the price and very 'different'. Slap some good flatwounds on it and you're set. But don't expect to play anything heavy with it.

    It's a very light bass, but because of the light weight it has got some neckdive issues. But if you don't mind that, it's awesome.

    Though you can't use the pickups as thumbrests because they are too far in either direction, which can annoy some people.
  3. go with humbuckers for the trifecta. MM-style, SUB ray 34, etc.
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    There is a used EBMM SUB, USA built not current SBMM stuff, at the GC in Lakeland, Florida. These are incredible basses if you can get past the finish, which never bothered me. $410, no way you can get a better value than that...
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    Of the three you mentioned, I'd go for the Hofner. It would definitely be the farthest in similarity to your current lineup. Just a few differences would be: two humbuckers, hollow body, short scale, and very unique controls. I recently picked up a used Hofner from GC, and have absolutely zero regrets. As mentioned before, they sound amazing with flats, IMO.
  6. Thought about a Dean Eric Bass also - heard they are pretty aggressive sounding.