32" Jazz Flats

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    Dec 9, 2012
    I have a new set of Thomastik Infeld JF324 Jazz Flats that I intended to put on one of my short scale Basses. Well, they are too long for one Bass and too short for the other. I suppose they could be trimmed but it still doesn't look like a good fit because of the way the strings taper at the end that goes behind the nut. I've done searches for 32" scale Basses and most are low-priced instruments. Certainly nobody puts $70 strings on a $200 Bass. Anybody know what kind of Bass these are made for?
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    Lots of people put $70 strings on $200 basses....

    They sell them as "Short Scales" But they are actually long enough for Medium Scale instruments.

    Many "Short Scales" have either thru-body or some kind of 3 point / tail piece bridge that require longer strings. THey are more than flexible enough to go on short scale instruments though.