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  1. Greetings everyone,

    I'm curious about custom expression pedals. I've heard of a pedal that moves up and down, and left to right. Supposedly, the left to right has one output and up and down has another, so that you could control to parameters of an effect with one unit. It would be really applicable with my Moog Ring Modulator. I've had a hard time finding online presence of the concept/product. Any ideas on where I could go about to find one, or have one built?

    Thanks for your time!
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    The Zoom b9.1 multieffect has such a pedal, don't know if it's available separate from the effects.
  3. thanks for the input. I like the design of the z pedal. After my searching, it isn't available stand alone. It seems odd, because they do produce a standard stand alone expression pedal. I think there is a potential market they could really tap into if they wouldn't be so stubborn insisting that people buy the multi FX processor. sigh...
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  6. The switches on the fender could provide some interesting bypass options too... hmmm getting closer

    I just sent mission engineering an email, I'll let you know what they say.