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810E versus Berg NV610

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mark H., Nov 26, 2010.

  1. I would appreciate input from those who have owned both or had a chance to A/B them against each other.

    Tomorrow I am driving 2+ hours to look at a new Berg in a store and checking on an older 810E. Unfortunately I can't A/B them in the same location.

    Little info on my situation:

    Storage/transport is a non-issue. Price difference is $500+ but we are talking good-condition used versus new on the Berg. Decision will not be based soley on price.

    Currently running an SVT-4 pro head. I run Lakland 5-string basses for the most part 55-94 and a proto-type that is passive with J-J pickups.

    Been running SWR Goliath 4x10 on top of a SWR 15 and have had some nice success with this setup but looking for that tight-vintage/type tone that cuts through. Currently playing with two acts one is primarily Country-Rock the other more classic rock based.

    My only concern is with the Berg being only 36 inches tall if I'm going to be able to hear it clearly as a monitor. I know they can be loud if you want to push them but for many years I've either run stacked cabs or years ago I did have a "frig". The one time I ran my 4x10 alone on the floor I had one heck of time hearing myself. I use my in-ear monitors in one ear primarily for vocals with a small amount of guitar.

    Thank you; I appreciate the feedback.

  2. Baird6869

    Baird6869 RIP Gord Downey. A True Canadian Icon.

    To my ears, the NV610 is the best sounding cab ever made.

    I used to be an Ampeg fridge guy, but IMO the NV610 is loud enough for any gig (excliuing 20,000 seat arenas and 50,000 seat stadiums) with a loud head. It may be shorter, but IMO unless you are standing a foot in front of it, using it as a monitor would be great.

    N.B. The NV610 is too much cab for me and I am currently using a Sadowsky 410 (made by Berg) and THAT even lets me do big rooms with no FOH support.
  3. I have played both, and at one time owned an 810E. I feel the Bergantino is in a different league, I never thought the 810E was worth the size/weight. Let us know what you think when you play it!
  4. jastacey


    Feb 8, 2009
    I have and older 1990's Fridge and have just acquired a NV610 ...and all I can say is the Berg just has a better presentation of sound, I've powered both cabinets with a Ampeg SVTII Pro and a Bassman 300 Pro and to my ears the Berg has a tighter, punchier sound, I was using my 1970's P-bass, the Berg also sounds really nice with the Bassman 1200 Pro also ... I'd say that the money I spent, was well worth it, so much that I'm thinking of getting rid of the 8x10 ... the issue of the NV cabinet being shorter, is IMHO a non- issue
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback, the only other cab I've considered is the Agular DB412. But haven't had a chance to test-drive one, I've heard a few live and they sounded great. I am looking forward to trying the Berg tomorrow.
  6. If that's you're only concern, it's a non-issue. You'll be able to hear yourself just fine.
  7. metron


    Sep 12, 2003
    I agree. I debated the NV610 vs 810E thing years ago. Based on what I read the 610 was at least as good but according to many accounts better than a good 810E. Even if they were close I would pick the 610 any day just because it's smaller and lighter. I could not imagine actually using an 810!
  8. cripula


    Dec 20, 2006
    That about sums it up for me too. I'm a long time fridge user, and think the NV610 kills it. That it happens to be smaller and lighter is just a bonus.

    No worries being able to hear it... you'll hear it :D

    I LOVE the NV610. Jim B. is the man.
  9. One Drop

    One Drop

    Oct 10, 2004
    Swiss Alps
    Bergie by a mile, if only for the ease of transport (shorter and much less top-heavy than the 810E, wheels, etc), never mind the similar but better (IMO) tone. Zero problems hearing yourself in any situation, either.
  10. ampegfuzz

    ampegfuzz Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    Davenport, IA
    In kinda the same boat as OP my list of wants for new cab is Berg NV610or215 or aggie 412 i own a SLM 810e but want something slightly more movable and just different or better in general. Plus it needs to do loud sludge rock (with vintage SVT) and classic rock covers(with my GB Shuttle 9.0).
  11. christw

    christw Get low!

    May 11, 2008
    Dayton OH
    I want to be Tesla (tinkerer at Dayton Amp Co)
    After getting a good 610, I see no need for my 810E except as an already-there rehearsal cab.
  12. Thank you all for the kind replies, not one person recomended the 810 over the Berg... Well now I know why. :)

    Made the two-hour trek this afternoon up the highway to the "big-city" got to the Berg retailer and plugged her into my SVT-4 and "98"5594 Lak that I brought with me. All I can say is WOW...

    I honestly wasn't expecting that. One of the persons that replied earlier used the term "better presentation of sound"... I find it hard to find other words that IMO fit as well as that. And no, I no longer have concern over not having a set of 10's at chest height behind me so I can hear myself. Seems more than adequate from anything from a club (which I play in winters) to the larger rodeo and county-festivals in the summer.

    I then went and tried the used early 90's or older 810 that is in really nice condition. It sounded darn nice...but ever time I played notes on the B-string it wasn't close to what the Berg offered. It was acceptable and maybe then some but he Berg did it smoother and I believe tighter and clearer without loosing the romance of the tone from a sealed cabinet. And maybe it was just the difference between the guys house with the "frig" and the store with the Berg, but the Berg almost seemed louder at the same settings...which is odd as the Ampeg has two more speakers. Only way to tell for sure would be to have them in the same setting but it sure seemed that way? Might just be my 47 year old ears. :D

    Jim Bergantino...I don't know how you did it, nor do I necessarily care, but you have earned my respect and my business. Next weekend we go out for the next 7 in a row with only having off for Christmas, there will be a Berg behind me, the SWR's will be in the trailer riding back-up.

    Thank you to all that responded. I appreciated your insight.

    Best regards,

  13. One Drop

    One Drop

    Oct 10, 2004
    Swiss Alps
    Nice One!
  14. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    Welcome to the club! As I like to say, my favorite 8x10 is the Bergantino NV610. It's my favorite cab period, and I recommend it without reservation to anyone looking for the Ampeg 8x10 vibe.
  15. what the price difference between the 810e and nv610 (both new) ???
  16. New 810e's seem to be around $999, NV610 was about $100 more.

    I tried several used frig-810's, the Aguilar DB412 and the Berg. Hands down the Berg won my heart over.

    Can't wait for this weekend to get back out and give her a try in a live situation.

    Now I'm hunting an SVT II to drive her with. Sounded great with my 4-pro but I gotta hunch a true tube-amp will make it that much sweeter.

    I'll report back on this thread, if I can find it, after two nights out this coming weekend.

    Do yourself a favor and try the Berg before buying a "frig".
  17. ampegfuzz

    ampegfuzz Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    Davenport, IA
    Man I really dug the aguilar gs412 but didn't play any of my stuff through it because I was out if state I still need to try some berg cabs the 610 and 412 are on the list

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