A few questions for Paul Boyer

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  1. ianr2012


    Mar 6, 2012
    Hi Paul
    I recently noticed that you are a member of this forum so I hope this might get to you. Firstly, I only wish your book on Rick basses was printed back in the late '70's as I would have worn it out drooling over the high quality double page photos of basses you virtually never see in Australia. Ok, firstly, I've been mystified for years now as to why the factory started changing the shape and the headstock of 4001's from 1972 when the curve on the 'gnarl' of the headstock end was altered (I thought the original design was a work of art). They then appeared to start altering the body shape in about 1974 (?) so the delightful 'hump' at the rear wasn't quite as pronounced. In about '74 (?) the upper front bout (horn) became a bit thicker, and around that time the full width neck inlays became smaller. Fortunately of course they went back to using the original body and headstock patterns about 1998 (?) or so, Have you any idea why they changed the original design as such?

    Secondly, Willie of Willies Guitars in the US put a video on youtube last year displaying a mint condition 1968 4001 which he said "Just growled...". I've heard this before about that particular model year and guess this might be partly due to the light maple they used along with the very narrow neck (from front to rear) coupled with the double horseshoe rear pickup. Would you like to comment on this?

    Finally, I still can't work out why the factory doesn't modify the rear pickup cavity so it's a lot smaller and put a cover over the pickup because so many owners take the chrome pickup cover off which leaves this dreadful looking gap around the pickup - surely they realise this by now. Any ideas? Look forward to your comments.