A little buzzing and the remedy

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    Mar 4, 2008
    Larisa, Greece
    Dear friends i found a spot in my new bass, where in the A string, near the end of the neck there is a little buzzing. When i scraped carefully the fingerboard the buzzing spot moved some centimeters towards the the bridge. Scraping again the new spot area, the buzzing spot moved again. Do i have to scrape the whole distance up to the end of the fingerboard ( as i do in my modest violin making) in order to remedy it or there is a better solution to this little problem? Thanks in advance
  2. On a doublebass, it is essential to have one high quality straight edge (meter or yard) so that you can see where the problem areas are on the entire length of the fingerboard and another short (6"- 12") straight edge for working on the individual spots on the board. Buzzes on a bass fingerboard are seldom located in just one spot even though the buzz may appear to be coming from just one spot. Placing the straight edge on the fingerboard with a lamp or light behind the straight edge makes it easier to pinpoint where the problem areas. Another trick that can help is using a white china marker on the short straight edge. The white marker grease transfers to the fingerboard where the straight edge touches the high spots.