A story about a band that didn't work.

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  1. What's funny about this is that I owe the majority of my bass playing style and ability to that band and the lead guitar player, lets call him "Jimmy". I met Jimmy once when I was taking these classes. I knew of him but he was really the only person i knew so i started talking to him. He was into metal. I've always been more into hard rock. Tbh, the hardest thing I'm really into is like Megadeth type stuff.

    Anyway, I played rhythm guitar very poorly at the time. Jimmy was trying to start a band with one of his friends, and one our mutual friends. They needed a bassist. No one we knew wanted to play bass because that was basically an "insult" to their ability. I actually wanted to play bass, but my parents told me to do guitar as a kid because it was "more fun". So I said, "Hey, I'll buy as bass and play bass". SO I was in.

    Jump ahead a few months. I basically learned all their stuff to their liking and I also started learning everything else. And thats where the actual work ends. Let's just B.S about the stupid stuff that happened.....

    So we jammed a few times just me and Jimmy. It went ok. Played some covers, riffed a few things, and so on. We never found a good drummer,. Well, we did, but he had a woman and a good job and wasn't into it. We added our mutual friend at our next practice, but that night kinda didn't go so well. Our friend brought a strat clone and a Keith Urban amp. Our friend is a great rhythm guy, also a good punk style bassist. But that amp and guitar was like the Beach Boys jamming with Slipknot or something. Jimmy said that our friend was out. So then, we decided on his other friend. But a practice never happened, they got in a fight, and he got the shaft. So a new guy came on the local scene. A decent technical guitarist, but a cruddy guy. He didn't fit our style at all, he was into hard drugs, treated women bad, all that stuff. The only real reason that Jimmy wanted this guy was cause he had met this drummer who was actually half decent. I said he was not being in our band. But Jimmy, being the "great guy" he is, basically said screw you I want this other guy. So we tried to set something up despite the fact that that guitar player and I would have the chemistry of Uncle Sam and the Soviet Bear, but nothing ever happened. So that friend whom Jimmy Fought with was back. Then the drugs guy was back. Then we tried to steal crackhead's drummer. Then the drummer started dating this attractive female bass player. So it was just me and Jimmy again. In the meantime, I started other projects(a jazz band, some solo writing, competition group) and Jimmy got kinda mad at me for becoming less dedicated. However, Jimmy was the one who never wanted to do anything.

    So we jammed a few more times, then he started fighting with me over stupid stuff, but blamed me for it. So I threw him and his "band" out. He still plays, i think classical and jazz guitar now with a worship team, probably cause they were the only people who wanted him. I talk to him from time to time, and he is one of the best I've known, but this was all a long time ago. I'd consider maybe doing something with him in the future, but not a full commit kinda thing.
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    Send Jimmy a thank you card every year commemorating your conversion to the low end!
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  4. I probably should. I've gotten decent bass jobs since being "converted". There is a bigger calling for bassists locally than guitarists.
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  5. Thanks for this post. I've been thinking about starting another band recently so that I can sing more. The task of finding good personnel is always daunting and recent developments with some of my other musical projects have left me feeling like I can't depend on people that I thought would like to be involved. So this was a good reminder that maybe I need to cool my jets and stop spinning my wheels over what might just be another pointless waste of time.
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  6. Oh i'm sure you can find the right people and make the time fit. But just don't find an all talk no action "jimmy". Find people who care.
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    “A story about a band that didn't work.”
    There was never a “band” in this story. ;)
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  8. Your actually right, but that's part of the reason the band didn't work.
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