A toast to all: Bottom's UP!

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  1. Phatman1


    Mar 1, 2006
    Just wanted to say "Hello".

    Years "scratching my bottom": 38 (on and off: off because of Vietnam War, raising kids, divorcing mothers; on because I need to).

    Basses: Fender: 68 Jazz, 69 Tele, 72 P, 80's Squire Jazz (J-pan). Gibson: 67 EB-3. Epiphone: 05 T-Bird Elitist. Yamaha: early 90s TRB-4. Musicman: SUB-4string/passive.

    Amps: 90's Pre-Gibson Trace Elliot 280 watt SM7 head w/two 15s in separate TE cabinets. Fender BXR 200 head. 2005 Fender Bassman 150 combo. 2005 SWR Workingman 12 combo with G-K 112 Neo ext. cabinet.

    Strings: Rotosound Swings, Fender flats, T-Infeld flats and rounds, D'Addario flats.

    Influences: Hendrix, Bruce, McCartney, J.P.Jones, Squire, Pastorius, Billy Cox, Jamerson, Captain Beyond(!!!!!), ALL of James Brown's Bass Players, J.S. Bach and my current wife.

    Styles: Blues, Blues-Rock, "Classic" Rock, Prog-Rock.

    Location: Left Coast of the U.S.A.