AB box selector!!Help!!

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  1. TJmccreedy2183

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    Mar 2, 2006
    I know this sounds kinda dumb to ask but it's confusing me!! i'm trying to connect my two basses to my effects (so i can just switch between the two) then to my bass amp but the only schematics i can find have two outputs and one input!! i'v read that others have made it work like this but i'm not sure how they do it!! is there a way to wire the jacks? it just doesn't make sense to me any help will be helpfull!!:help:
  2. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol

    Are you just looking for schematics or would you be fine with a readymade box ?
  3. TJmccreedy2183

    TJmccreedy2183 Guest

    Mar 2, 2006
    i was looking for schematics!! because i have all the parts already
  4. Vic Winters

    Vic Winters

    Apr 20, 2006
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  5. This is a semantics issue. To most of us, and AB box either takes one signal and makes it to, or two signals and make them one. What you want is a box that does BOTH. You need to split the signal to feed both FX, then a mixer to recombine the signals at the other end.

    Generally such a box is referred to as something like a "looper" pedal (sometimes "true bypass looper") rather than a "AB" pedal. (But not a "looper" pedal in terms of a record/replay device!)

    So try some different search terms and you might find the right schemes!
  6. jaebee

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    Mar 16, 2007
    for the average ab splitter box, if you can turn ab on at the same time you can combine 2 singals into 1 (assuming its passive at least)

    my rfx aby has 2 in and 2 out, and it doesnt matter if it is in or out, its just the direction the singal is sent, this should be the same for any passive box, its only going to be signal direction (unless there are polarity issues but i doubt it for an ab)
  7. Jazz Ad - just making sure, but you could go from input A to output A or B, and from input B to output A or B, right?
    I'd buy it right now if you can do both A and B outputs at once
    Mod it with an knob to control wet/dry mix after the fx loop and youve got a KILLER box...