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    TALL&STOUT Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2008
    San Diego
    United States
    Made in Scotland, ACG Krell Custom 4 bass. Probably the prettiest and most versatile bass I've ever come across. It needs to be someone's #1 player and with my lack of time right now, this stunner needs a new owner.

    Here's the link to the build with the specs from the man himself -

    Scale - 34”
    Body core - Swamp Ash
    Top/veneer - Mac Ebony with black veneer
    Neck woods - Wenge/Mahogany 5 piece
    Fretboard wood - Ebony
    Radius - Flat
    Side/Face dots - Alloy
    Head plate/V - Wenge with black veneer
    Back plate/V - Wenge with black veneer
    Bridge - ACG/Hipshot Black 19mm spacing
    Pre-amp - East Uni-Pre 4K - (This is not the filter preamp) Volume/Blend, Bass/Treble with pull up on the treble knob for a 10k frequency boost, Mid/Mid frequency, full time passive tone with pull up for passive operation
    Pickups - (2) ACG RFB 50mm humbuckers (These are NOT the multi-coils)
    Coil switching on both pickups for series/single/parallel
    Weight is just under 9 pounds

    The neck is asymmetrically shaped and is super comfortable. This bass PLEK’d by 13th Street Guitars out of Huntington Beach, CA.

    Tones range from p, to jazz, to nearly Stingray-ish with help from the coil taps on the pickups. There is a LOT of adjustment in the preamp both internally and externally. It has a full time passive tone control that works while in active, and if you pull up it turns the preamp off for full passive control. The pickups are very powerful and they each have a trim control that is accessible in the control cavity to find the balance that suits your style.

    The bass has never been gigged and is in damn near perfect condition. Includes OHSC.

    $3000 cash/venmo/paypal
    Shipped in CONUS only via UPS

    I will consider some trades plus cash coming my way.
    Trade: 1985-1989 Warwick Thumb or Dolphin neck through, Dunable, maybe a Mike Lull, Sadowsky or Mayones jazz bass, or a Spector Forte Helium. Might be open to other basses with jazz profile necks.

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  2. TimBosby

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    Dec 19, 2004
    Omaha, NE, USA
    Incredible instrument.
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