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Advise me, pretty please

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by I am Domokun, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Ok, my birthday is coming up, and seeing as it's pretty close to Christmas, I was thinking about getting myself a nice amp. At the moment I have my beginner's set. I'm thinking that if I'm gonna be in a band I'll need something more substantial.

    The funds: I have €200 of my own, and parents will give around €200, maybe more.
    The ideas: This was my first idea, recommended by the guy from Cork. But now I've started learning guitar, and I need a good/cheap 'lectric to play through the new amp.
    My friend has this, but he doesn't use it anymore and has offered to sell it to me, for about €150. So I thought I'd look at this, so i'd be able to get both.
    The questions: Would the Behringer suffice, or is the Warwick really worth the extra €217? Would I notice any difference, seeing as I'm only playing a basic enough bass? Does anybody have any other recomendations?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. I know you havent listed it, but peavey make very good amps at a good price (especially second hand)
  3. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    This is a partial list of my gear buying approach and you can take what you want and leave the rest.

    1) Cash is King - just cause I have money doesn't mean I have to spend it (I've been disapponted by some gifts but money wasn't one of them).

    ) Research the item before buying - especially player reviews

    ) Know the used value of the item before I buy

    ) Keep tabs on Musician's Friends Sales cause some of them are as good as it gets

    ) Don't buy when the driving force is GAS - there's always more stuff.

    ) Don't buy what I don't need now - unless it's something I'm seriously considering anyway that I KNOW I can break even on at worse (AND I HAVE SURPLUS CASH).

    ) Buy new gear if I KNOW it's what I want - not think or for trial

    ) Buy used gear in Excellent condition at a break even price or don't buy it - Most new gear is worth half what I paid as soon as the cash leaves my hand (which is fine if I actually get my use out of it - money down a rat hole if not)

    ) Buy versatile gear - (ie. small amps with line out to PA - and most bass amps not only work fine but are often preferred for guitar)

    ) Buy compact modular gear (DI's, etc.)

    ) As a rule avoid off/lesser known low-demand brands

    ) Know the buy/sell cycles/seasons

    ) Use 100% credit card whenever possible - it's at least a 30 day delay on payment which gives enough time to check an item out and buyer leverage by contesting payment if there are any issues
  4. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    If I were you, I'd check into THIS BUT I'd avoid the behringer. my personal feelings.
  5. That looks nice, but it's just a bit too expensive, especially if I want to buy the guitar too. What about this one?
    If my mum gets a Christmas bonus with her paychepue I could probably stretch the funds a bit though.
  6. theshadow2001


    Jun 17, 2004
    To be honest I wouldnt go with behringer the stuff inst all that reliable. my bands singer had a behringer ultra voice crap out on him recently after only having it a couple of months. It was always kept in a rack unit and looked after but it still failed. I would go with the used market. Check out the buy and sell there's usually something going there. If you want something to join a band with I think you should be aiming for the 300 watt mark. When I first started in bands I was using a peavey 160 watt head with 2x10 cabinet it was just about sufficient but I could of done with a bit more power.I ended up damaging the speaker cabinet from running it too loud constantly.

    My adivce to you is to keep saving your money and be patient. The Gallien Krueger stuff is good for the cash and so is peavey. Also if your going to buy new I wouldnt recommend you do it in the south. Rea Sound in tyrone (their website is a bit screwy at the moment but there should be contact details on it) have good prices that can compete with the likes of the German musicstore catalogue/website.Theres also matchetts music in belfast Tyrone is a bit of a spin from limerick so musicstore is a good alternative and they have deals alot. Although its sometimes better just to deal with a shop if you ever run in to trouble with the stuff you buy and you can build a buyer seller relationship where they will look after you if you buy all your stuff in one place.

    Somethings I learned from buying my first amp:

    -If you buy a seperate head and cabinet make sure you understand the idea of speaker impedances and what the minimum impedance a head can run at

    -Dont buy in the south you'll get ripped off

    -Dont buy in waltons in Dublin they'll fill you with crap and then rip you off

    -Make sure you have a sufficient amount of power and then have loads more

    -The amount of watts needed for bass is much greater than that needed for guitar.

    -if you buy a combo rated at x amount of watts check if an extension cabinet can be used with it and if so is the wattage rated with or without the extension cabinet

    Right now if your not playing with anyone the amp you have will do until you can afford something a bit better but deffinatley hold out until you get some more cash
  7. How about this? Someone on another board highly recommended it. Don't y'all go biddin' for it now!
  8. theshadow2001


    Jun 17, 2004
    Yeah this seems like a better choice. The only problem is that shipping is to the UK only. Unless you can come to some agreement with the seller. Check out www.ebay.ie you'll find guys who ship to Ireland although choice probably isnt as good.
  9. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    as for as bidding, you've only got 3 guys and they're close together so none of them can really be counted out and the price probably has a ways to go. You can look up the bidders recent history and get some idea if they tend to be one time maximum bidders, one time low bidders, last second bidders, whatever (you really see some rrrrreeal strange stuff people buy that way).

    It ends on a Friday afternoon and that's good for buying in the U.S. But anytime up to mid day Saturday is decent buying time here and I doubt it's different there. I assume the majority of the western world gets drunk Friday night (at minimum).

    Look up completed items and see what they've gone for. If there are many of them, you've got your current used market value.

    Looks to be in good shape.

    .................Do they really say y'all in Ireland?
  10. No. Do they really say it in Southern US? :D
  11. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    good point. Didn't notice that.

    Yeh, definetly contact the sellar and do it ASAP. I only advertise U.S. in my adds but I've had guys email me from wherever and I've shipped Australia, Japan, and Netherlands that come to mind. I really only refused too ship to people I couldn't communicate with.

    Usually when they say only, they mean ONLY. But you don't know that unless you ask.
  12. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    Damn straight we say it in Dixie! But did we get it from you or did you get if from us?
  13. I got it from TV!
    And what does FWIW mean?
    Oh, and I've never bought anything from eBay before. I'm registered, and I asked the seller if he'd ship to Ireland, no answer as of yet. Any tips, or things I need to look out for?
  14. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004
    FWIW: For What It's Worth

    Frequently not much but that's up to whoever to decide. Take what you want and leave the rest.

    Ah TV. We get BBC but nothing from Ireland I'm aware of. Documentaries, news, and Van Morrison (and seems he went to college at LSU, some Louisiana Univerisity. Supposedly where Brown Eyed Girl was penned).

    He probably won't get back to you till tonight (whenever that is there). That's why I said to email him stat cause you don't know how often he jumps online. But you'll hear back within 24hrs. I don't know if you've never bought anything or no selling either but if you have 3 or less transactions you might want to say something to reassure the guy you'd follow through if you won the item. He may decide to not ship just based on if you have few transactions. Depends if he's satisfied with his price so far too. If he has all he want's, why mess with extended shipping. The further you ship an item like that, the more probability of something happening to it in the process. Anything that has mass and contains a speaker is not a desireable item to ship. Perhaps why he restricted it to UK.

    I really didn't pay much attention to the add, just skimmed through it. I'll look closer.

    I don't know squat about this amp so I'm not recommending for or against, but I can look over the add for red flags.
  15. The key to most ebay transactions is communication. Nobody likes to get ripped off. I'll ship overseas if I develop confidence in the buyer. A couple years ago I even bought an air conditioner located in northern Italy for shipment as a Christmas gift to a friend in the south. It worked great once we got the logistics worked out.
  16. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    Guy looks pretty good. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him. You're really buying from the seller not the item. If the seller stands behind his product, he'll make good on whatever problem may arise with the product and that's the first thing you want to establish - what kind of guy are you buying from. Some ebay money mill with 5,000 transactions, never responds to email, with a 5% casuality rate - which means you stand a 1 in 20 shot of taking the hit. Or some guy like this where it's improbable a problem would arise that couldn't be resolved amiably.

    He's slim on his own input (mostly manufacturer garb it looks like) but what little he said is significant. Used Excellent condition. Excellent condition covers you for anything less than that description cause he's bond by ebay to it. And the item looks to be in excellent condition. From skimming his feedback, I'd say it is what he says it is.

    My guess is he won't ship to Ireland.
  17. t'be true laddie
  18. Ok, my ma says she's ok with the whole PayPal eBay thing so I'm gonna see if I can snatch the 300w Ashdown - any tips for bidding etc?
  19. wait til theres 3 seconds left then put in as much as you are willing to pay ;)

    its a great ebay technique i use, its called being a dick :D
  20. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    1) You need to hear back from the guy okaying shipping before bidding. If you bid and win, he's not obligated to sell and he'll just skip you and go to the next highest bidder. So in that sense, you really don't have anything to lose by bidding whether he responds about shipping or not except ebay may give you a warning or something - and he'll probably be pis#@ed.

    No major deal at any rate. Just a matter of respect but you really need to get a shipping quote from him - or at least his address and intended carrier and class so you can get a fairly accurate estimate yourself. Shipping cost is critical and really money down a rat hole - especially an item that's expensive to ship. But it beats the alternative.

    There are different approaches to ebay. The way I do it may not work for you. If for no other reason, if your computer/connection is faster or slower, that can screw it all up. It's my understanding that Europe is basically all 5 meg broadband (Over half of what it is in Asia and 5x's what it is here - cause we're still using tins can with essentially no broadband).

    1) I do my research, know the item (and know what I don't know abou it), and know where it fits in my list of priorities.

    2) I do my research, establish the most I'll pay for the item, and deduct shipping cost from that. So if all I'll pay is $51 and shipping is $50, my maximum bid is $1 (plus a few cents).

    Based on a lot of variables (including those in 1) but basically: how often the item shows up; best internet new price (usually Musician's Friend - or close enough); lowest price one has sold for under ebay completed auctions (and often give some consideration to what players have paid for in harmonycentral.com reviews); and my need at the time.

    And budget would be a consderation for most. So, if you're wanting other stuff and don't have the funds - you'd need to establish priority.

    3) I sync my computer with ebay preferably about 30 minutes before bidding.

    For whatever reason, my computer gains (A lot) on ebay time. And my computer (or any I've seen that I can recall for some screwy reason) doesn't allow you to see the seconds.

    4) With enough reserve time to get in and setup for the final bid, I hit the F5 button to get the latest high bid.

    5) I setup up for final bid, watch the clock, and I throw my one shot high bid in with under 10 seconds remaining and either get it or don't.

    10 seconds is not enough time for someone to bid up - or you either. If they outbid you, they used the same approach and were willing to pay more. 15 seconds IS enough time and if you're too early there's a high probability you'll be outbid. If you're too late, there's a 100% probability the auction will end and not take your bid so you will definetly lose. One dude actually hit it dead on the money (no pun intended) in one acution I bid. That's damn lucky cuase nobody's that good.

    The sync part is highly recommended, if for no other reason, so you know the ebay process cuase you have to bid and then confirm your bid - basically bid twice.

    If I can't bid at the last second, I pass. Auctions that are important to me I schedule to be there.

    For 90% of it, there's another one coming right down the pike. Even when I lose I win cause I just saved myself some coin. There's always more stuff.

    Note: there are guys just throw down an early extremely high bid to make sure they'll get something. You will definetly win the auction that way - but the probability is you will pay top dollar for it. And maybe more.

    A buddy of mine sold a pair of Korean Bart MK1 pickups for $250 to a couple morons that got in a bidding war. He paid $60 for them off ebay and was concerend he'd paid too much - which he probably did.