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Affinity Bronco Vs VM SS Jag

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by tabdog, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. tabdog


    Feb 9, 2011

    Hi Folks,

    I now have both the Affinity Bronco and
    the VM SS Jaguar….That gives me the
    opportunity to compare them for myself.


    I bought both used. Both in stock and
    in mint condition. I bought the Bronco
    with intensions of modding it. Here is a
    before and after pic of the Bronco,


    The stock tuners on the Bronco are some
    of the cheapest and crummiest closed
    tuners I have ever seen. Worse than the
    old Chinese Affinity P bass tuners.

    The ones on the Jag are nice open tuners.
    They have a smooth movement and seem
    to stay in tune OK.

    The stock bridge on the Bronco is OK in
    my opinion, but obviously low cost. It has
    two shared saddle pieces that do not allow
    quite the intonation of a 4 saddle bridge.
    But it gets close enough for most peoples

    The bridge on the Jag is OK. It’s like
    ones on most Squier basses, just fine.

    The neck on the Bronco is chunky. It is
    1 5/8 inch wide at the nut. (same as a
    Precision neck). It is one solid piece of
    maple. The fretboard is not a separate
    piece. The frets seem a little bigger than
    the Jag frets. It is a nice neck though.

    The neck on the Jaguar is obviously
    nicer. It is slim and narrow like a Jazz
    bass neck. Personally, I like the rose-
    wood fretboard better.

    Both necks had sharp fret ends, but
    the fit and finish of the Jag neck is
    nicer than the Bronco.

    The Bronco is heavier, at a little over
    8 pounds. The Jag is about a pound

    The body and furnishings on the Jag
    are far better than the Bronco.

    The pickup on the Bronco is single pole
    pup for a 6 string electric guitar. It is just
    barely passable as a bass pup. It had a
    really weak bass response.

    The pickups on the Jag are nice. I have
    no problem with them. They are in the
    standard PJ configuration and perform

    The wiring is well done on both of these
    basses, but the Bronco had a noisy pup
    even though the cavity was shielded???

    After the modifications on the Bronco, it
    sounds nice. It some ways, it sounds
    better than the Jag, but over all the Jag
    sounds better. The Jag sounds tighter,
    if that makes sense.

    The Jag plays better in my opinion. I
    like the slim neck and it is just easier
    and neater to play.

    So, the Jag wins out by a land slide
    when compared to the stock Bronco.

    It will take a lot of money to make the
    Bronco as nice as the Jag…….. That
    would make the modded Bronco more
    expensive. I was not willing to dump
    that much doe Into something I could
    not recoup my cost on. Therefore, the
    Jag tops even my modded Bronco.

    Respectfully submitted,


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