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aguilar help

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by joelyb, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. joelyb


    Feb 1, 2007
    sydney australia
    hey guys
    i am looking at replacing my stolen ampeg rig with an aguilar set up. i am pretty much sold on the db750 but the tricky part seems to be the cab choice. i was thinking initially that i would get a gs410 or a db410. has anyone played either or both and can give me an opinion? then i was thinking that maybe i would get 2 112 boxes but am not sure what the difference in the sound between the db and the gs is. anybody help!...

  2. mr.hughes


    Sep 12, 2005

    Sorry to hear about your stolen rig.

    I have two Aguilar GS112 cabs and I love them to bits. I use them for everything from jazz to classical crossover to bar bands and they hold up great, reproduce the variety of sounds I need and handle all the volume I need.

    I power them with either an Acoustic Image Focus 2 (600w), a Euphonic Audio iAMP 800 (800w) or an Epifani UL-902c (900w). All sound great thru them.

    I haven't any experience with any Aguilar 4x10's. Whichever you get, it's worth getting the padded covers.

    PS - say hello to Sydney for me. I used to live in Bondi, on Curlewis St many moons ago. Gotta love BB's!!!
  3. joelyb


    Feb 1, 2007
    sydney australia
    i played at bbs a few weekends ago but its not on curlewis street any more. its around the corner on campbell pde right near the round a bout. i never played at the original but i have been told that it was a sweet sounding room. thanks for the info..

    sydney sends its regards
  4. Big String

    Big String Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Northwest Indiana
    I can tell you a DB750 is great choice, and cab selection is key. From my experience and taste the Bergantino's are really good choices specifically the NV cabs. I prefer the NV215 but feel the NV610 would also be very good. I would also consider the Sadowsky SA410, which if you move fast could get a very good deal on. It's made by Jim Bergantino. I would not hesitate to try the Berg HS410 or a stack of HS210 with the DB750. If you want a lighter cab I think and Epi 410UL (Series II) would be very good.

    I currently have a DB750 and the Epi 310UL Series I and it sounds awesome with this cab but it's a bit of amp overkill. The wider sounding 310 is a better match than my series I 410, that is why I would suggest the series II if you go for a 410. I've debated over adding another 310 SI for a nice stack but am just hovering with gear right now. You should check out one of the Mark Bass LMII .. it's really got a bit of that DB750 mojo IMO, with the hard hitting depth to the notes.
  5. afroman

    afroman Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2000
    Austin, TX
    You're gonna love that amp.
    In terms of Aguilar cabs, here's what I've experienced:

    GS410: Very clear and articulate. A little aggressiveness in the high-mids.

    DB410: complete opposite of the GS line. Fat, thumpy, mid boosted, vintage vibe, less articulate, not as clear.

    GS112s: mid-scooped, great bass response, great treble response IMO. More versatility in terms of having 2 portable cabs. Didn't but through live for ME compared to 410s.

    Any of the mentioned Berg or Epifani cabs should work great. I've always wanted a Berg NV610 and it would be my choice if you play on loud venues.

    You're halfway into a killer rig.
  6. Koeda

    Koeda Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2007
    Ditto on sorry to hear...
    Can comment on the GS112's. Also have a pair of them - was forced to downsize after the spilt. Girl got the house - I got to downsize. Manily a Jazz run through a M-Pulse 360 and also love the sound with the added bonus of portability. Had a GS115 with GS210 on top. Actually loooooved the GS115 and was just luke warm on the GS210 after having the 115 first. Am happy to say the GS112 sounds more like the 115 than the 210. Could not believe the difference in weight as well. Still miss the GS115 but am happy with the GS112's for sure!
  7. rawrOOO


    Jul 12, 2006
    Brooklyn, NY
    ive got a gs112 and a gs410.

    the gs410 goes with a boogie 400+. it's a great sounding cab. very strong in the lows, id agree that the mids are forward sounding. in a good way for sure. i cant tell really what i think of it yet cuz ive only gigged with it once (ive only had it a few weeks and we're taking a break from gigs to write and book a couple of tours). but so far i like it with one exception - the weight. although it's not extremely heavy for a 4x10 it's not all that light either. but the tone is like yeahhhhhh. i even use the tweeter, which i have never been motivated to do before cuz they usually sound like scratchy poop. real solid cab

    the gs112 ive got goes with an eden head and an eden 1x15. it also sounds really good and at the moment is making a great studio/at home cab. i dont know if it's the same tweeter as the gs410 but i didnt really like the 112's tweeter. i usually left it off when i was using it in my main rig (i used the eden cab's tweeter just a touch). the cab's sound is also very good, just not very loud on its own. im not convinced that having 3 or 4 of the gs112 would really project into an audience at a show.
  8. vbass29


    Jul 30, 2007
    Warrington, PA
    I second this suggestion as I just got this exact set up. The SA410 with the DB750 is amazing. The warmth and punch that translate through the SA410 have made me a Berg fan.:hyper:

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