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'Alternate' DB tunings

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by bassteban, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Please allow me to publicly display my ignorance: What is solo tuning?
    Also, is it common to tune a DB BEAD(using appropriate strings, of course)?
  2. Solo tuning is a whole step higher, thus: F# B E A.
    A D G C would be more common then B E A D methinks.
    This is called high solo tuning.
  3. Thank you- the reason I ask is that I play(BG)in Church w/lots of keys, several g**t*rs, drums, percussion, etc. I use the B string a lot, & miss it when I pull out the doghouse. I'm wondering if BEAD would work well for this situation.
  4. How about a five string or a fingered extension?
    Or fifth tuning. You only get the low C on that, but what the hay.
  5. I'd love either of those options, but they are not really options for me. I can't afford a second DB(I wouldn't be able to justify this one save for the fact it was an absolute steal)& although low C would give me plenty of range, the same money excuse goes for an extension. Also, though my bass looks as if it was once dragged behind a truck, I'm keen to preserve it as much as possible. By all accounts it's 60+yrs old- no huge deal, but in the event of a fire, I'd likely grab it just after throwing my 3 children out the nearest window. :eek:

    Edit: I have considered fifth tuning, & may try it sometime. I'd like to test it out on BG first. Thanks for the replies.

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