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Aluminum bass info needed

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by A. Munk, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. I've had this bass awhile now but have a few questions. Has the neck been replaced? Did they come wit hat peg tuners?
    What say ye?

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  2. Useless participation in convo bump; a local luthier had one, but it's been a long time since I've seen his and I cannot recall details. I knew a guy whose wife had gotten ahold of one and stuffed it up into her attic- antique-hoarding I think. I may look into that one, I'm pretty certain it's still hidden away.
  3. I can't help with an answer and for that I apologize, but that is one groovy looking instrument. I love it!
  4. That blue cow is giving me the stink eye.
  5. MollyKay


    Sep 10, 2006
    Southern PA
    Bass Hobby'ist
  6. james condino

    james condino Spruce dork Supporting Member Commercial User

    Sep 30, 2007
    asheville, nc

    I'd forgot about that one; it has been a couple of years since I have seen any photos of it.

    Are those guts with a Spirocore E???? 'Like it!!!!!

    I've never seen one with original hatpegs, but the baseplates are period correct German origin and the gearing looks right, so they may have come stock with the bass. The neck looks original, but you can see where it has been off at one time, the button was broke, and they redrilled the holes. There are typically two screws mounted where you can see the dowels in the back of your neck.

    'Mind if I add the photo to the 'site?

    Pfun Pfretschner stufffp...

  7. Thanks folks.
    James. Awesome. Exactly what I was after.
    Feel free to use the photos and let me know if you'd like other shots.
    While we're at it.
    Any thoughts on rivets that rattle and buzz?
    Super glue?
  8. Another shot

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  9. Herbie 80's

    Herbie 80's

    Dec 15, 2008
    James, I think the setup is actually Gut A,D,G, with a Eudoxa E. Unless that wrapping is green, that's a Eudoxa, methinks.

    By the way.. what an odd bass. Those paintings sure are weird (to me).
  10. Jake deVilliers

    Jake deVilliers Commercial User

    May 24, 2006
    Crescent Beach, BC
    Owner of The Bass Spa, String Repairman at Long & McQuade Vancouver
    Looks green to me ie Oliv...

    Fun bass either way! ;) I remember pix of that one being posted a couple of years ago.
  11. Hey Molly... Thanks! Great site with some good info. Jake wins the string I.D.
    I do need to deal with the loose rivets.
    Any ideas?
  12. james condino

    james condino Spruce dork Supporting Member Commercial User

    Sep 30, 2007
    asheville, nc
    I've never seen a Pfretschner that was rivited from the factory. All of the ones I've seen have been screwed together, so the rattles can be fixed by either tightening the existing screws or by going up a size in thread and using new screws. Typically the top /ribs / all internal blocks are screwed together and the back has a folded over edge that has been crimped tight with a metal working tool.
  13. YEEE HAW
  14. bass_snake

    bass_snake Banned

    Aug 13, 2008
    Stouffville, Ontario
    Cool looking bass! I'd rock that!

  15. Will Kelly

    Will Kelly

    Mar 3, 2010
    Man, I would love to show up with that bass for a jazz gig.
  16. Mine has the same hatpegs, and it looks identical to mine except for the finish. Same flat back.
  17. bigshiny

    bigshiny Supporting Member

    Nov 18, 2010
    St Louis MO
    Same as mine also.
  18. Thanks for all the info folks!
    This winter I'll put some attention on this bass and get rid of the rattles and such.
  19. bassist14


    Oct 17, 2005
    if they would have an aluminium bass in france, would that be a full metal jacquet?

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