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    So, I'm really not one to toot my horn on a forum like this. But I thought I'd share a great review my band, The Whiskey Shambles, received last week:

    Whiskey Shambles Band Cincinnati

    I'm just so freakin stoked by it, I can't help but share it around a bit.

    Also, we made the cover:

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  2. St Drogo

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    Oct 9, 2009
    Toot away man! That's a great review! Hell, I'd have to pay someone for the level of enthousiasm the writer has for you guys :D Now I'm curious to hear you guys.

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    Congrats! It feels great to be appreciated.
  4. Klonk


    Apr 28, 2011
    Nice review, and nice pic! Looks like one of my bands, Bar Room Buddies, old school country/blues with 9 musicians on stage (including washboard).
  5. Congratulations.
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    May 18, 2013

    The Whiskey Shambles
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    very nice!
  8. jamesczar

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    Jan 13, 2010
    Cincinnati, OH
    A few more recent reviews ... I'll sum them up with a few quotes we liked, including a recent one from a French blues magazine:

    "Best CD (of the trimester): This is a magnificent album of modern hill country blues, in the steps of the one and only Screaming Jay Hawkins; a music that will give real pleasure to the bold and audacious -- and the people who, like me, long for a rejuvenation of the blues!" - Blues & Co. Magazine (France) – April, 2015

    "The Shambles have a chain-gang grip on the down-and-dirty heavy garage blues, with gritty vocals about the dark side of soul and fuzz-laden guitar that drives deep into the gut." - Cincinnati Magazine – March 2, 2015

    "While Loose Change exudes a contemporary vibe, the album bears the diverse hallmarks of the best ‘70s Blues Rock albums. Like Led Zeppelin, Cream and Free before them, The Whiskey Shambles channels first generation Blues subsets like Delta, Piedmont and Hill Country, combined with the members’ unique individual experiences to conjure an edgy, atmospheric vision of 21st century Blues." - CityBeat – November 12, 2014

    "Between the heavier instrument arrangement and the dark supporting vocals that stay true to the original, yet enhance the impact of the part, the piece breathes new life into one of Slim’s best-known songs. The result adds a heavy and somewhat psychedelic rock feel to a song that always had weighty lyrics, but only mildly dark instrumentation in its original and most-well known recordings." - CincyGroove – January 5, 2014