AMP head (TRACE ELLIOT) problems? cab (SWR) problems? HELLLLP!!!!!

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  1. hello.
    using a trace elliot 1000 watt head, swr goliath II (4x10 rated at 400 watts), with a passive p-bass. this issue has happened with my other bass as well so i ruled out any instrument problems.

    just playing in my room at a level that just barely rumbles the wall its by, not loud, for about 10 minutes straight the signal will cut off completely. not even when it clips, the signal will just cut off. the amp still has power but the signal is gone. with my other cheap instrument cable, i was able to mute the amp, unplug the jack from the instrument and plug it back in, unmute it and it starts working again (seeing the red clipping light flash as if clipping it brought it back).

    last night i went to get a better instrument cable (monster). when i mute, then unplugg the jack, it does not clip at all and the amp still doesnt work. i turn off the amp, turn it back on and the signal is fuzzy and starts to fade out.

    i bought the amp from british audio service maybe less than a year ago, im going to email them i try to describle the problem the best i can. hopefully someone can help me here too
  2. i bought the head as "old stock." from british audio service
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    BAS seems to me to be a pretty stand up company. If the amp is less than a year old and was new old stock it should have some kind of warranty. Contacting BAS is the obvious first step. Good luck.

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    This may be a dumb question, but is that Trace a poweramp?, or a bass head? I'm sure you know, there's a big difference, just not very familiar with those Trace amps, but I think they did a 1000 watt poweramp, is why I ask. (which would need a seperate preamp in front of it)
  5. no its a combo with the pre-amp. its an older model of the ah1000-12.
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    Jan 12, 2009
    Hmm... T-E has a Discontinued Product Catalogues listing for an AH1000-12 Head, but no combo.
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    I think he is referring to the preamp and poweramp are together as a "combo" (aka; amp head) and not a combo amp with speaker.

    Anyways, BAS will get you taken care of. They are great guys with great service.