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Amp noob

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jimothythompson, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. I've just come into possession of an SWR Goliath Senior. This thing can put out a hell of a lot of power (like 1000 watts?!) and I was looking around for a head for it and I keep finding ones that say they are like 400 watts. Does this mean I will only be using 400 of my possible 1000 watts if I use this head? There are so many numbers, I just don't know what it all means!
  2. No, but you can put all of your 400 watts into the speaker and it will be fine, and should sound fine too, I imagine. In theory, if it's rated at 1,000w then thats how much power you could put into it before it fried. I don't know exactly what that cab has...8x10's? or what? One thing to know, too, is that most ratings you read for amps today is the rating at 4 ohms...this cab is probably 8 ohms(?). A real rough rule of thumb is that you would be running just half of that power from the amp to the 8 ohm cab. If you had TWO 8 ohm cabs, you would then be running your amp's full 400 watts into the two cabs at 4 ohms. So, I wouldn't get less than 400w. My guess is that you aren't ready to play stadiums yet, so a 400 watt amp should be enough to shake your house and rattle the windows.
  3. Feast


    May 12, 2007
    yeah, If your only using a 400 watt head, then thats the max power you will put to the cab. Also, to take into consideration is the power/impedance of the head. If you have a head that says it will do 200 watts into 8 ohms, and 400 watts into 4 ohms, to get the full 4 ohms, you need to use either a 4 ohm cabinet, or two 8 ohm cabinets.

    Since your cabinet is 4 ohms, you will get the 400 watts but no more.

    +1 to Art and Music... 400 watts will do fine unless your playing huge festivals w/o pa support, plus you have all of that headroom
  4. seanm

    seanm I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize!

    Feb 19, 2004
    Ottawa, Canada
    The 1,000W rating means it can handle 1,000W without blowing up. It does not mean it puts out 1,000W.

    How loud is the band? Band volume will define how much power you need. I suspect if you need such a huge cab you are in a very loud band.
  5. will33


    May 22, 2006
    The cab will handle it fine, your rig will be plenty loud, just plug in and enjoy. When you're not doing that, log on to talkbass and read more about ohms, watts, hertz, excursion, dispersion and all that good stuff. Get a 300-400 watt head and you'll have a rig you can jam any local bar or club with, use it. Speakers do not put out power, amps do, speakers recieve it and use it to make sound.
  6. +1 to WILL33's above post. Do a search, or look in the FAQ's here on TB & learn all U can re ohms, watts, power handling-RMS/peak................ It'll serve U well in future.
  7. wow! thanks for all the help. the cab was free, believe it or not and I was just curious exactly how that stuff worked. I'm thinking about adding it to my cheap fender rumble 100 combo i already have. You think that would work with that crappy little head?
  8. yep it'll probly work- 1st find out the IMPEDANCE(amount of Ohms) your new cab is-should be written on it-maybe with an 'ohms' sign-a little open bottomed 'O' with the bottom ends flared out-Hard to describe without a sign on the keypad!!!
    THEN find out if the rumble can take the impedance of the new cab-if it can- if the new cab is 8 ohm-it probly can-then U R good to go!
  9. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    When it comes to cabinets - there is a lot of physics involved.

    There are only two things you need to oberseve with your new cabinet.

    To say that it can take 1000W before it fries is a lie

    And the cab will let you know if you push it too far well before it gives up the ghost (barring any surges ot spikes)

    Observe those two truths and you will go very far in the BS slinging world of cabinet specs.
  10. By "it's a lie" do you mean it will blow out at 1000 watts or below it? Also, does anyone know of any cheap, reliable heads I could buy for this thing? It was free and I can't get the head off of my old combo to use for this.
  11. Look at 2nd hand Yorkville's, Nemesis', for solid state amps U wanna get somethin at least 300watts. The 1000w rating on the spkr cab probly is either "peak" rating(doubt it tho) meaning it may take 1000w for a second or two B4 blowing up, but most likely-IMHO- to be a 'slightly' exagerated RMS rating.... whatever- the cab will probly take a good 300- 500watt amp NO WORRIES. Depending on yr $$$$$$$ available-there's LOTS to choose from. The Mark Bass Little Mark II IS a DAMN GOOD amp-500watts @ 4 ohms- Dunno prices in the USA tho! As I said Nemesis(by EDEN) are well respected, a 2nd hand Ampeg B2R, B2RE, SVT3PRO all would be FINE, SWR, Eden, Fender PRO series, Gallien Kruger.... the list goes ON...... get any one of these in the 300- 500w range & you'll have a KILLER rig!!!!! Try as many different ones out in a local store if poss. Get a feel for the tones from each type!
    Good Luck- Oh U already had some-getting that cab for nix! ;-)
  12. thanks rodl2005. That had to have been the most helpful post yet
  13. Not a problem my bass playin brethren!! some find it a prob. tho !!! I just got a PM saying my way of writing is too much "shorthand" to be a "decent forum member" !!! So, please if U find my way of writing bothers U, please PM me & let me know- majority wins!!!!!!! ;-)

    Good luck with yr amp hunting !
  14. whoever told you that was a boob. i dont want to hear long rants about crap i dont need to hear. What you said was perfect and i appreciate it. If I needed more information, I would just ask you for it.

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