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  1. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    I have a 410he. Its sealed cab and I'm wanting to add some bottom to it. Found a 115 cheap and wondering if it will add some bottom or just change the tone?
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    Sep 14, 2010
    2x10 is roughly equal to 1x15
    Far as effeicency or sound level.

    2x10 still slightly less but... anyhoo

    4x10 has more output than 115
    So 1x15 you won't really even hear.

    Give or take a 4x10 is same as 2 x15 efficiency wise or total SPL or loudness

    Basically you need to double speaker area for it be effective.

    Being a 2x15 or another matching 410he
    Would be more ideal.

    410x115 discussion on here is rather epic lol. Brings about huge contraversy

    Likewise mismatched speakers.

    Without diving into that I'll just say I highly recommend. Using same driver. Then multiple that by as many as you can carry.

    You'd get more "bass" with another matching 410 or 810 total

    Likewise same deal if you used 4x15 as well. Both combinations roughly have same amount total sound pressure.

    Technically ported 4x15 would actually have more " bass" than a 810. But for most part 810 or 4x15 due to efficiency of those driver types is roughly the same sound pressure level.

    But a single 1x15 up against a 410 would not add more bass.
    Ported 15" technically has more bass. Than sealed 10" but efficiency is too low against a 4x10 to be feasible
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    In other words, unless you just want to use the 115 as a stand for the 410 so you can hear it better, probably not a good match. This 410/115 topic has come up numerous times here on TB. It might be wise to spend some time reading up on some of those threads so you can understand just what you would be getting into with this cab configuration.
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  4. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    Help me understand.

    When I started down my ampeg journey, I needed an amp in a hurry. My local GC only had an ampeg BA 210 in stock.

    I got that and paired it with a borrowed 410 that I now own.

    The ba 210 is ported and was supplying the 2 10s and 410 with power.
    The 210 added a lot of bottom and perceived volume. When I returned the 210 and got a hartke 800w amp and now a genz Benz, even at 8 ohm the cab is seeing more power than before but is not near as deep or loud as it was with the 2 10.

    I understand the logic. Mixing subs is something that is considered a big no no in the car audio field unless they are filtered to play different parts or the spectrum.

    I'll likely grab the 115 anyway. Its much lighter than my 410 and its different voicing, may be handy to use on it's own for small gigs and practice.

    What I may do instead is build a sub cabinet with a dedicated amp. I've built a few Bill Fizt cabs in the pass for auto use.
    That tuba design isnt light but sounds so solid down low. This will allow me to run the 410 much hotter by removing some subsonics and pushing them off to a dedicated sub.
    I'll need to build a crossover to get the phase on point but that should give me the bottom I'm looking for.
  5. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    I just wanted to come back in with some info.

    I went and tested the 115 and bought it due to price and its sound on it's own.

    In my case it did add a good bit off bottom when paired with the 410he.
    That makes sense since the 410 he pretty much starts dropping off at 60 hz and the 115 being ported plays down to 33hz so I get a nice bump In the 40 to 50 hz range which was none existant with the 410 alone without heavy eq and volume loss.
    For shear output, the 410 alone can get louder than the pair but for tone, the 410 and 115 combined give a much more full sound.

    It added some nice grunt in the midrange. My 410 is just too powerful in the lows mids fir my tastes alone for every day use.

    What i like the most though is it doesnt weigh 100 plus pounds. It will be nice for smaller rooms.
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