Ampeg PB800

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  1. I tried this head a few months ago, bought it yesterday, as a solution to having both my EBG and DB running simultaneously through the same compact system (with Ampeg PB212H cab). I originally tested it in a medium sized venue with a nice big stage and sound system and found it to deliver a very rich sound both arco and pizzacato from my K&K bassmax transducer fitted in the E wing of my adjusterless bridge. It has caused me to re-evaluate this modest transducer that I was about to drop from my system. Sometimes it's not the transducer, and different equipment combinations can be quite surprising. I was surprised at the volume level before feedback that I could get with no notch filter and only the simple three band tone controls (parametric mid) as well as the richness of the sound. This amp sounds very even across the entire frequency range and is super rich for arco playing. I did A-B it with a Series III Focus I Acoustic Image with the same cab in the same room (but not on that stage). The Focus definitely allowed higher volume levels before feedback than the PB800, but only after invoking the notch or high pass options which inevitably hurt the tonal quality. The Focus was also a little boomier in the bottom, but could easily be adjusted to sound very similar to the Ampeg, and the Ampeg could likewise be made to sound boomier in the bottom by activating a +6 Db button at 40 Hz.

    I would recommend the Ampeg PB800 as a solution for those DB players who do not need a low impedance XLR amplifier input or phantom power and do not anticipate needing extreme amplification and also need two independent channels. I might add that the quality of construction is typical of the best USA manufacturing (because it is), the amp sounds absolutely awesome for EBG, and it is lighter weight than most amps of similar power. A particularly useful feature is the adjustable level pre or post EQ XLR direct out. I also has effects loop and blend and line out jack. It comes with a 5 year warranty, speak-on connector, rack mounting brackets (if you like to do that), and a nice shoulder style soft case.

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