Ampeg PF 500 with PF 210 HE

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  1. I am leaning towards getting a PF 500, and apparently it's kinda made to be paired nicely with the PF 210 HE cab. But the cab is rated to handle 450 watts. So if I went for this combo, would I run the risk of blowing up the cab with the 500 watt head?
  2. I know that if I run it full-volume for a long period of time, it runs the risk of damaging, but I guess what I want to know is, is there a reason Ampeg made a 450 watt cab that is meant to be paired with a 500 watt head? (i.e. the whole flip-top deal)
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    You can blow a cabinet with much less power than 500W. If you boost the bass your cabinet will suffer. IMO a single 2x10 is not a gig-able system but a pair certainly is. The biggie here is to use your ears. If the cabinet starts showing signs of distress turn down.
  4. Start by reading the stickies at the top of the forum.

    Second that is an 8 ohm cab, and the head is rated at 350 watts at 8 ohms. Should you need more volume a second matching 210 is the way to go. I would also check out th pf115, more pleasing to my ear than the 210.
  5. Ok, understandable. I plan on getting a 2x10 first, whether the Portaflex or not, then eventually adding a 1x15 or another 2x10 for the versatility of being able to bring just one cab or both depending on what the gig warrants. And while typing this, I just realized the 450 RMS is @ 8 ohms... So the amp would only push 300 watts through the speaker which answers my original question lol. I am also looking for other options for a good 2x10 cab to match the PF 500 head, with the option of expanding, so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear 'em!
  6. Beat me to the punch of answering my own question!
    But thanks. What made the 15" better than the 10's to you?
    Was it just better low-end?
  7. You can push the eq to get both cabs to sound pretty similar. The 115 is just more pleasing in the low mids to my ear. Regardless of which cab you choose, go with an 8 ohm cab. If you need more volume a second identical cab us the way to go.
  8. Also the portaflex cab that I like the best is the PF-115LF not the PF-115HE.
  9. Ok, I'm probably gonna check out my local Guitar center and test em out if they have them. But a ported cab makes more sense to me, i.e. the 115LF. Thanks for the input fellas!!
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    They did't have the PF-115LF when I bought mine. I had my doubts about the PF115HE, so I bought a Mesa Boogie Road Ready Diesel 115 (EV TL606 design) and it works great. I see the PF-115LF is only 350 bucks. Anyone have any experience with these? Are they made out of particle board?
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    Don't judge those cabs by what you know about ported and sealed cabs. The sealed PF cabs go pretty low, much lower than most sealed cabs, and lower than a lot of ported cabs, too.
  12. 450W 2x10's would make for a 1800W 8x10 !!!!!!! Someone in the marketing dept get let loose in the press relations dept after a Superbowl weekend?

    One 2x10 can do classic rock for a small hall function with acoustic drums. If you want to be so loud they are yelling in each other's ears to talk 100ft back you need the other 2x10 and PA support for the drums.

    "Real" metal doesn't give a fat rat's about anyone's hearing or the bar takings. A pair of 2x10 doesn't cut it.

    Hopefully you are somewhere in the middle and soon a happy camper with the pair idling away and a big PA doing the big sound for hundreds.
  13. Sorry for the detour here, but I would love to know your thoughts on the LF over the HE. I'm getting ready to buy one of these 2 cabs to go with my new PF500, and would really like to hear some first hand impressions between the LF/HE. FWIW, I do Classic Rock/Blues, 5 string, P w/flats and P/J with nickels, fingerstyle, no slap.
  14. Its just the way the low end rolls off. I prefer a ported cab, just the response versus the sealed cab. Ultimately I purchased the PF-500 but none of the PF cabs. Thats not so say they wouldnt be someone elses preferred cab, but there are better options out there for my tonal goals.
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    Jul 2, 2008
    I'm also very curious about the difference between the LF and the HE.
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    LF is ported with no tweeter and goes super low. HE is sealed, has a tweeter, and only goes quite low.
  17. Thanks! What cab(s)did you end up using?

    I know that one is ported, one is not. Form reading all the threads on the topic, I'm also aware of all the myths and misconceptions that surround that topic. I'm really interested to know how big a difference the tweeter makes. I'd also like to hear from anyone who has some time with both.
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    Thanks for the quick response Jimmy! With the tweeter off would you say the HE is more vintage sounding?
  19. I use fEARful cabs.

    Its tough to describe, I might be able to draw it better :smug: The sealed cab has a more gradual roll off and doesnt feel as deep as the ported cab. The ported cab feels deeper but has a much steeper roll off when it hits its lower limits. I dont care for the tweeter, I find it very hard to get the tone I want while working with the dip in response from the woofer before the tweeter kicks in.

    If you are playing a 4 banger and what that "ampeg sound" it is hard to go wrong with the 115he.
  20. the 115HE is a great cab and gives a very nice clear vintage sound with beautiful low mids and more than enough lows. i dont care for the tweeter either.
    i A/B it with the 210 in a music store and i like it much better. i cant really describe the difference except that the 115 had a more unique and warm sound with a better mid response.
    ive never played 115LF though. from what ive heard it goes deeper but imo it is not necessarily needed. i find myself turning down the lows on the HE anyway