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ampeg svt cl through a mesa powerhouse 4x12?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by punkrockmike, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. hey everybody. im gonna go look at a powerhouse 4x12 today and was wondering if anybody has has any experience with running an svt through one, and also if anybody has had the chance to a/b an ampeg 810 with a mesa 4x12. i read the reviews on here and read through a bunch of threads and it sounds like a killer cab. someone told me that its not quite as loud and up front as an 810, and im fine with that. im usually way too loud anyways, so a little less volume wouldnt hurt. ive also heard these cabs are great when pushed hard with some distortion. any opinion on that?
  2. Did you end up checking out the cab? I wish I would've been able to respond earlier, but I'd be surprised if you went and didn't come home with it.

    Chances are if you've read some of the reviews on the cab on the site, you've probably heard me talking about it. I seriously love this cab, it's easily my favourite cab I've ever played through. Before I bought my Mesa, I was playing through an Ampeg 01' 810e. I was quite satisfied with the sound, but I noticed that my speakers would fart out quite easily if I pushed my amp (700 watts from a Peavey Tour 700 at the time). The cab was great at the time, but it was my first big cab I had ever really played through, I hadn't had a chance to try out any Mesa's or anything else really. I came across a Mesa PH412 locally in mint condition for a great price, and as soon as I plugged in to the guys M9 and started playing through it I was sold. I was finally able to REALLY feel the bass, my sound is heard and felt all throughout the room. I usually keep my tweeter off, but can dial a bit of tweeter in and it brightens up my tone quite a bit.

    The Mesa is so much easier to move then the Ampeg because of the handles on the back, sides, and the recessable handles on the very bottom of the cab. The Ampeg only has the towel bar. Don't get me wrong, the Ampegs are great cabs, and theres a reason they're the industry standard, but I've made a permanent move to Mesa after picking up a PH610 and M-Pulse 360. I couldn't be happier, and neither could my bandmates!!


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