An album's "life".

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  1. It's been a while between posts here. So...

    As a producer, I thought you might like to know when your work goes out into the world and takes on it's own life in the way which might not be expected. Australia is a very vast country, and as touring musicians here, there is usually loads and loads of driving between shows on tour. Due to that, often, you will load out of a venue at 1:30am and be back on the road at 5 or 6am to drive the 10 hours to the next load in and sound check.

    On the last tour, we found that the new Paramore record exudes the perfect amount of energy for the first stretches of driving early in the morning. The energy is evenly spaced track wise too - just as the bounce is wearing off, such things as "It's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me going..." lift it again with a bit of sing along relative irony!

    Therefore, good coffee + the right musical energy/singalongability (hey, I made up a new word) = a much brighter mood in the van and less bitching and moaning! Haha.
  2. This in my places this summer too. It is a great energizing reboot listen to and from somewhere. And quite palatable if there is a young musical co-conspirator and/or girl in the car as I am needing to be rebooting. This is of course meant as a great compliment, as most of my other reboot listens... Aren't quite palatable to youngsters or girls. :^P
  3. OK. "The right" young co-conspirators and girls, but you work with what you have... Ha ha ha.
  4. This is probably funny 'round these parts... I was driving home from a gig the other night with the really young guitar player I've been doing a lot of stuff with this summer. He's great, but a real SoCal surfer kid, and a bit of a goof, which we all love him for. So, we're cruising for about 45 minutes home in my car and I put on Charlotte's 5:55, which is a favorite of mine. We make it to the second track, and he says, "Whoa whoa whoa, bra. What is up with this girl? She's like... just whispering and ****. And half the time I don't understand what she's saying."

    Yes. Yes, Andrew. Some of the lyrics are clearly in French, and it is good music. Shut up, and listen. :^P He liked it by the time we got home.
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    Thank you so very much for this. Anecdotes of this variety are part of what makes it all worth it.