An EUB for the High School Jazz Band

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    May 14, 2011
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    Hey TBers!
    I'm currently in my senior year at high school and I've finally convinced my music teacher to invest in an electric upright bass! Unfortunately, as in so many schools today, the schools budget for the music program is not very large.

    So, what model of electric upright should my school get?

    It needs to be something rather inexpensive (less than $1000), of good quality, good playability and decent durability (as this bass will be played in school jazz bands from grades 8-12).

  2. Why do you wnat an electric upright for a school band. An acoustic plus pickup does the same, a plywood is cheap and durable, sounds better than a cheap EUB and could be used for classical music too.

    I think a Warwick Triumph Lite might do what you want. The Stagg is a bit wobbly with the body support (and the more expensive rosewood fingerboard model RDL is much better than the standard model), the Palatino needs a lot of tweaking and might not be robust enough. (The Stagg needs a bit of tweaking too.)

    But I would take a plywood double bass with a Full Circle or Shadow SH-965NFX pickup in that price range (and I have more EUBs than I have/had double basses, so I know what I'm talking about).
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