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An interesting combination...Please read on...

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by ModernTradition, May 7, 2006.

  1. ModernTradition


    May 7, 2006
    To all who read my incessant ramblings...

    Hello, I'm a 17 year old bassist from Canada and have been playing about 5 years now. I'll be upfront with this right now, I've been blessed with a natural skill with bass and my acquisition of technique and formulation of my own has progressed very quickly for the relatively short amount of time I have been playing bass. I play a multitude of different styles and genres of music, but I have been absolutely engrossed in progressive rock, particularily Dream Theater for a quite a while now.

    With that, I set off to learn a little greater than a 1/4 of Dream Theaters repetoire, which stands as my greatest accomplishment at least when it comes to emulating others. I've been playing in bands ever since I was in my early teens, and I played my first 1000+ spectator show when I was 14. I was lucky enough early on in life to meet a circle of highly talented individuals and through thick and thin I managed to meet my best friends and band brothers during those times.

    Although I play in a metal band now, we are heavily influenced by prog and this musical incaration is going into the studios to record for the first time very soon.

    Which brings me to why I am here. Although my technique and ability to perform live has developed greatly over the years, my ability to play on recordings is a dire problem of mine. I'm a perfectionist and get extremely frustrated during recording. I often force myself to leave my technical bass lines out of songs on albums just for the sake of my sanity. The self recorded tracks on my bands Myspace page prove this, our listeners don't even think I played on those rough recordings because the melodies they are used to hearing live aren't there on the recordings. I remember I spent an hour trying to perfect one of the tracks on the page that had a 28 note long 32nd note arpeggiatic run in it...Not fun for me or my guitarist working the recording software.

    Also, my knowledge of equipment is about as sharp as a warwicks curves...I'll be absolutely honest when I say I don't know how to string my bass properly or maintain it, which may come to harm my bass, I spent my entire savings to that pointin my life on my Warwick. I think I spent way to much time concentrating on learning to play and now I have huge gaps in skills that are just common sense. So the main reason I'm here is to learn the things any right minded bassist SHOULD know.

    Sorry for the long winded introduction. Thanks for your time.


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