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Any Framus guru's out there? Got a new '70.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JerryW, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. JerryW


    Apr 23, 2010
    northern Minnesota
    I just picked up a Framus bass at my local pawn shop. I checked the Framus vintage web site and found out it's a 1970 model, but which model I'm unsure of. (Wish I could post a picture and maybe can later)

    By looking over the web site it's like the Sorento or Cavalleer body style's, but unlike the Sorento mine has two tone controls, a two piece tail piece, two thumb rests (one above the strings, one below), and a binding on both sides of the fretboard.

    Besides wondering which model this is, I'm curious about the sinking of the top where the body meets the end of the neck. Some views on the internet of other Framus basses seem to also show this, but I can't believe this is how they're made. Even the first of the two pickups on mine is tilted toward the neck because of the body slope. Also, two of the tuning peg post cups are sticking up about an eight of an inch and the strings were all wrapped to the wrong sides of the pegs.

    I only paid $85 for this bass so I'm not too worried if it is beyond economical repair, but I doubt that. Otherwise the overall condition is pretty good; it's black rose in color with a few dings and a little buckle rash on the back. I'd like to get this bass back to good useable condition, mainly because it's of my vintage and it just screams of gigging around the bars like I did in my younger days. And it also came with the original case that isn't great, but totally useable with a little help from duct tape.

    Thanks for any help or opinions you care to offer.

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