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Any particularly good USB jog/shuttle wheel controllers out there?

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by sjhs, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. While I'm not looking to use this much for recording, I figure the recording gear experts here are likely to be the best source of info so hopefully someone has some suggestions!

    My practice setup at the moment includes a headphone amp with an auxiliary input that I use to plug a tablet in to for playing along with songs... this is a pretty clumsy solution when I want to skip back a bit in a song to play through or hear a part again, with me randomly stabbing at the touch screen in the hopes of jumping back the right amount in a song. I'm thinking that my laptop might be a better solution, and would love to have a wheel controller that I can map to keys which scroll forward and back in a song. Ideally it'd have a few other buttons for things like pause/play and jump back/forward a whole track as well.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a controller that might be good for this? I'd love for it to feel solid, rather than cheap and plastic... and in a perfect world I'd be able to spin a weighty metal wheel and it'd 'freewheel' and I could then stop it when I reached the part of the track I wanted to get to.

    edit: I should also add that I'd prefer it to be Mac compatible, as I'll most likely be using this with a mac book
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