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Anyone using automated projectors and backing tracks?

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by the explode man, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Here's the plan:

    I want to have automated video, backing tracks, click tracks and lights for our set, to the point where all I do is press a button to get the whole thing going.

    Currently, we have backing tracks and click tracks automated through Cubase, so all I have to do is press the space bar and that will run through the entire set. For lights, I have purchased a DMXIS, so I can just run an extra MIDI track. I haven't spent any time on this yet (need to actually buy some lights), but this problem should be solved.

    So right now, I'm looking for video projection. The plan is to have two small scrims with video being played. Where I need help is with a program that could just output pre-made video into the projectors that is perfectly synced with the Cubase tracks, so there is only one button pressed to get the show rolling and nothing needs to be done after that.

    Is this possible to do directly from Cubase? Is some other software required or hardware required (besides the projectors themselves)?

  2. Id look to a mac with qlab - which will handle audio and video fine, and probably look at chamsys magicq for lights, being my favourite controller. However this is putting considerable pressure on the ins and outs, so maybe separating lighting (which needs DMX interfaces anyway) would be sensible. Cubase, although I could have used it live, especially version 7 with the various remotes is a thought - but not something really designed for live work from a practical point of view. Running lights from MIDI is never that nice because it means running in most cases a cue stack, and some systems make editing to suit changes in room sizes and beam positions a bit tricky. Cubase will do the job, but I've never found it that reliable for this purpose. Mine is very dicey with certain MIDI devices, and although I love it in the studio, it's a bit complex for stage use (for me).

    If the video gets complex, then you're looking at maybe something like Arkaos if you want real server. MagicQ can do great pixel mapping too - so there are plenty of possibilities! However, you're also starting to get into dedicated operator territory to make the system work.
  3. Wow! I'm going to have to look more into Qlab. It seems like it could do the trick.

    Really, Cubase isn't live-based software, but we don't have high demands. All we do it press play and let 'er rip.

    For the lights and things, we are looking at running a small light show. As in, a couple of Chauvet 4bars, and a few other ones thrown in. So, not a ton of lights and we wouldn't be making any changes on the fly, it would all be done well ahead of time. The DMXIS is a little piece of hardware that should simplify all of this. It's a DMX controller that you connect to your computer that has a program that you send MIDI via USB. Or something.

    I looked briefly into Arkaos and other VJ software, but it seemed like it did too much. We wouldn't need on to add in any effects or make changes live or swap videos, as that should essentially be already done beforehand.
  4. mpdd

    mpdd neoconceptualist

    Mar 24, 2010
    old school, a video sequencer plus as many dvd players as you want, that's what they used for all the ebn u2 type stuff
  5. will33


    May 22, 2006
    You don't need to do all that crap. You just get an old overhead projector from the thrift store, put some drops of various colored food coloring between a couple of clear drum heads and lay it on top. Let the stage vibrations make the liquid dance.......

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