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Apogee Jam 96k

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by mrharrell, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Anyone tried the new Jam 96k yet? Can anyone compare it to the original Jam?

    Here's a link:

    Some marketing from the site:

    Studio quality digital connection
    Upgraded circuit design
    Warmer tube amp tone emulation
    Higher sample rate recording capability
    Up to 96kHz recording

    Looks like it includes a 30 pin and lightning cable.

    I was hoping to get a jam this holiday season, once I found a coupon code, but I may wait until I hear some reviews on this newer version.
  2. I was wondering this too..

    I'll speculate though, that when the Jam first came out it was the only device like it. Now they are getting hit with iRig HD and Sonicport and other devices competing with the same specs and lower price and/or more features. Also when the Jam came out they only had to send out one iOS cable, and now they've got to include the 30 pin AND the lightning.

    If you look on the apple store they ONLY have the 96k, and they just call it the "Apogee Jam", so I am speculating this will actually replace the existing Jam but at a higher price point, and offering the higher sampling rate as a way to market as a premium product over competitors.

    I'm not actually sure it's worth it though.. I originally had an original Jam and it sounded awesome, but sold it and got a Sonicport for the additional features. I'm disappointed in the sound quality, so I just ordered the original Jam at B&H Photo & Video for 94 shipped (5% off when paying with Google Wallet).

    I'm not sure all this rambling helped you any.. but I would say that the original Jam definitely sounds good, is noiseless in comparison to the SonicPort, and I would still recommend it if you are on a budget and can live with the lack of output on the device itself.

    The other unit I have been considering is the iTrack Solo, but it comes with only a 6 inch 30-pin cable. It requires it's own power and doesn't seem to have an on/off switch, and to get a decent length lightning cable you would need an extender AND an adapter. If they start shipping these with a decent length lightning cable I will probably pick one up.
  3. Trance, thanks for the info. Good to hear about the sound quality of the original. Maybe we'll see some originals come available at a lower price as retailers attempt to reduce stock.