arrrgh! fed up with those guitarists!

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  1. did anyone ever have a problem with flakey guitarists? i am in a trio but lately it has been a duo. our guitar guy been canseling on us frequently for no good reason. He has this nonchalant attitude " o' they'll be there next week" I'm frustrated beyond belief. I love playing with this guy when he's there. I guess i just want to play with people with the same level of comittment.

    sorry if this subject has been done already( I have a feeling it has). just needed to vent.
  2. karrot-x

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    Feb 21, 2004
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    Nope, no one has ever had problems with flakey guitarists.

  3. In all fairness I'm sure that there is a guitar forum out there somewhere griping about flakey bassists.

    i going to make a proposal to my drummer that I will be the solo stringer in the band. perhaps a piano trio like Medeski, Martin, and Wood.
  4. Bad Brains

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    Well if you look at the bright least you have a guitarist.

    I have always been the only person in my circle of friends (former circle of friends) who is interested in playing an instrument. So I never get to play with anyone. The only guitarists I know just want to play covers as opposed to just improv and jamming, which I'd rather do.
  5. RicPlaya


    Apr 22, 2003
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    I'd deal with a flaky guitarist over a flaky singer any day.

  6. " All of you , turn your amps down to 1, I cant hear my oh-so-angelic voice over that rubbish your making with those confounded strings!"
  7. DaveDeVille

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    been there , heard that ... :eyebrow:
  8. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Im in same situation as you man. Guitarist doesnt give a poop. Hasnt been practicing either.
  9. RicPlaya


    Apr 22, 2003
    The Mitten
    Or..nobody pays attention to the bass anyway, the most important thing is the vocals.
  10. Don't_Fret

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    Dec 10, 2003
    I hear that.
  11. tkarter


    Jan 1, 2003
    Bands that are always happy seldom make good music. We all work at different levels and learn at different times. Time does heal all wounds or the resulting infection will kill.

    Music is best when everyone plays to the other's part. ??

  12. that's why we don't have 1 ;)
  13. It's a hard generalization. I know what you're talking about flaky guitarists, but the guitarist in one of my bands is always on time, if not early. Maybe I just got lucky. Usually with me it's those flaky drummers. I would set up an audition date and even call them a day before to confirm it, and they wouldn't show up.

    EDIT: Maybe it's regional-dependent. We should make a big map depicting in which areas which instrument-players are flaky.
  14. Yeah it is a generalization. but that has been my experience, the drummer is always there because usually we practice at his house. One time we were practicing at the guitarists house (the drums were in the basement) the freakin guitarist wasn't there!!!!

    but like i said I'm sure there are flaky bassists, violinists, percussionists, flugelhornists, pianists, oeboists, bag pipe-ists, etc etc---------
  15. OT = non music forum. Guitar+topic=music forum. Band management.
  16. DaveDeVille

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    hee hee ...
    "bag pipe-ists "
    hee hee ... :D :D

    edit: hope this dosen't offend any "bag pipe-ists" in the audience ... or " french horn-ists" .. hee hee :D j/k
  17. Can I relate my sad tale as well? We've been through 3 in the last 18 months. The first left to make mega-bucks in the Mid-east. Can't really blame him for that, but the timing couldn't have been worse. Another month of rehearsal and we would have been out gigging. The second guy was an even better player, but left after 3 months of practice. Turns out he was subbing in another band and had just knocked up his wife. I asked him if he could afford the time in lieu of all that and he said no, not really and that was that. Pretty much the same story with the 3rd guy. Work, wife and a young kid at home conspired to make him pull the chute, once again after having put in a considerable amount of time on the project.
    What do you do? We tell these guys up front how much of a commitment we want, they say ok and then pull the plug down the road. Frustrating??? Yes indeedly-frikken-doo. :(
    Thanks for the vent opportunity. JD
  18. well i can understand the the whole kid thing. I quit for a while when my daughter was born. then my loving and understanding wife figured i would be much more pleasant to be around if I got to play. It's not like I was emotionally black-mailing her by being mean. I was just ya' know feeling down :(

    pipers pipists :oops: that's just me being a goofball

    I think it's french-horner :smug:
  19. Matt Till

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    I know a guitarist who isn't practicing the guitar as much as he use to, he just smokes pot... and practices the drums!

    So we can jam easier. ;) Horray for... pot?
  20. :eyebrow: :meh: :D



    hey maybe your guitarist/dummer is a pipe-ist :D

    sorry lame joke :help:

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