Ashdown LB30 gone?

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  1. Was browsing GC and MF looking to see if the new Ashdown CTM15 was out yet and a price. And noticed neither site list the LB30 any more. I know they just had a huge sale. Was that to dump stock is the LB30 dead now?
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    Yep. LB30 has been disco'ed, though you can still find it online at the regular price at other stores. I'd do it quick if you're planning on getting it.
  3. Wow, that was quick. Cool idea but not a practical bump around the house for $900 bucks and not really gigworthy in my opinion. I would buy one if it was UK made but i dont see any collector value for something made in china.
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    I've spied them popping up on eBay the last few days in the $699 range - probably flips by folks who got one on sale. If you're not looking for a megawatter and you can swing it GET IT.

    I have not been more psyched about a piece of gear since the advent of the VT bass - probably because it scratches the very same sonic itch. :bassist:
  5. I loved the ideal of the little bastard but for the same price you could get a American made peavey VB2. That's why I am so impatient to see the price point of the CTM15.
  6. Anyone else?

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    Are you looking to purchase a LB30?
  8. No not really. I am interested in the new CTM15 and while looking to see if there available yet I noticed the lack of the lb30. I just was wondering if anyone knew anything about it.

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  10. Why you selling one?
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  13. I think I read somewhere there will be an Ashdown CTM 30, so I suspect that will replace the LB.
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    I think you are correct. There was a magazine writeup posted here that you might be able to find with a diligent search. I was one of the lucky ones who caught that MF deal on the LB-30 and I love it.

    For those with a small tube amp jones, here is a link to the little club that I started to celebrate low-watt valve goodness:
  15. Im looking forward to getting my hands on a ctm15. A marshall vba400 is abit over kill for my bedroom amp. But most products like the ctm15 dont really make it over here. To my knowledge anyways.