Ashdown rig setup-4ohm or 8ohm??

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  1. I have an Ashdown MK-500, Tech21 SansAmps, with 2 410T (4 x 10) cabs. These are 8ohm. I see that Ashdown came out with 4ohm versions.
    It seems that the 8ohm cab set up always feels overdriven. I ran 1 4x10 with a Mesa Boogie 18" at 4ohms for a bit and it felt better. i didnt have to turn up the input as much. Im sure the 18 made a difference.
    Am I getting the full power with the 8 ohm cabs??
    I have played an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro through a Ampeg 4 ohm 410 cab and it felt like it had more power and the cab was pushing more air.

    I love my MK500, but also want a round warm sound of an Ampeg SVT-3 etc.
    Any suggestions??
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    Two 8 ohm cabs give you 4 ohms. You are getting full power from the amp.

    In fact, you cannot run two 4 ohm cabs since that would be 2 ohms, less than the amp can safely run. If you ran two 4 ohm cabs, well you were lucky.

    How do you set the EQ for the amp?

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