Attention Hot Tuna - Jack Casady Fans

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  1. NightCat


    Apr 4, 2013

    I just ordered this off iTunes but it is also available for download off Amazon. It might be available elsewhere but I didn't look any further.

    This is an amazing example of acoustic guitar, electric bass and vocals only. Lots of Hot Tuna albums out there but this is just Jack and Jorma for 27 straight songs. Impossible to resist for us life long Airplane/Tuna fans.

    Found a video from the same location but a different date, and the audio/video is amateur but it is still cool to see. Fortunately Jack's solo is in focus and the audio in that part is good. I Know You Rider - Youtube
    If you like the video then the concert download is well worth the price and the audio is professionally done.

    Anyone recognize the head on top of the Aguilar (2x10?) cab? I think it is Jack's custom Alessandro Basset Hound There's a high dollar tube head right there!
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  2. Shasta


    Dec 12, 2014
    I'm not a long time fan but I do like 'em. So thanks for the heads up. I'm considering a JC Bass because he makes it sound so his solo here at 3:22:

    Tuna has a lot of integrity I think. Jorma plays all the blues that Clapton etc. missed on the first wave-they took the road less traveled. And they're still on it.
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