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    Not sure if this is the best spot to post this, but I am currently in the process of auditioning a second guitar player for a project I am working on. I have never played in a two guitar band before and am struggling to come up with songs to audition them with. Ideally both guitarists would be able to go back and forth between rhythm and lead. Any suggestions? For reference the band is a mix of art rock and experimental rock. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Something from Radiohead?
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  3. Sounds like you don't already have a song list that you're working on; if you do then you should choose from those songs ones that fit and showcase whatever role he will be taking primarily in the band (lead or rhythm). If you don't, ask him what he knows. Choose two that he knows and two that you know to see 1) how he does with familiar material and 2) how well he learns.
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    Either two of your best or most popular songs, or songs that justify the need for a second guitarist.
  5. There are multiple bands that have more than one guitar player. Judas Priest has 2 guitar players who could trade solos/rhythm. Since you're an original act, try writing a few original tunes to the strengths that you all possess.

    On a side note, it's very nice to know the guitar players will switch duties between lead/rhythm. Most often, there'll be an ego who wants to play lead all the time.
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    There are just a lot of things that bug me about this - could end up being a CL hall of fame post in the near future. And I'm not trying to antagonize - just point a few things out.
    1. Why are you auditioning a person that you don't know what you're going to do with them? Typically bands have a need for something and go shopping.
    2. "Ideally both guitarists would be able to go back and forth between rhythm and lead." Is your current guitar player on board with this? In most bands, one guitar is primarily the "lead guy" and the other is the rhythm player. some lead guys are fine with sharing duties, others are pretty protective of their spotlight. Some bands will alternate who plays leads, some don't. However it works out, you need to know exactly what your new person will do and let them know exactly what that is so they can make good choices for them selves and to allow them to prepare accordingly. Lots and lots of guys can throw decent rhythm support, not so many can do leads. You need to have a specific role in mind before advertising.
    3. Once you define the role, you can determine how to audition. You should use songs that are, or at least could be, in your playlist. get what @LBS-bass was going for, but do you guys really want to learn songs just to audition folks? You don't need a lot of songs, (4-5) but pick songs that will demonstrate their ability to do what you need from them. If they will be doing lead and rhythm, make sure they demonstrate both and make sure they KNOW what their role is on each song. And make sure you guys know the songs well - nothing more embarrassing than when the auditioner knows your songs better then you.

    Again, not trying to give you grief, but it doesn't sound like you're ready to even post for an audition. Best of luck.

    And, BTW, I can't help you with specific song suggestions as I doubt I could even name one song in that genre
  7. Yeah, it's tough with an originals band if there isn't already at least some material written and recorded that someone can learn. Ideally the goal of an audition like this would be to find out if the person can play, how well, if they can learn anything new, and whether or not they have the ability to contribute meaningfully to the creative process. I'm not sure how you audition for that last bit. The two originals bands I play in already had recordings so my entry into those bands was pretty simple. But for the second one, I was already a known quantity. It seems to me that most originals bands around here that I know of just swap players around from a known pool of creative types. Maybe it's because it's easier that way. I don't know.