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  1. 6 months old. Bought it new along with a b212. I just don't need a 212 and a 115.

    $160 plus shipping. I am in CT area code 06010.

    This cab would go great with a 210 which is what I plan on getting.
  2. I'm looking to add a 15" to my Nemesis 2x10 combo. Is this cab 4 ohms or 8?
  3. This is an 8 ohm cab. How does shipping work out from the US to Canada?
  4. Actually, I'm really close to the border. There's a private company that accepts packages from UPS or FedEx, and I can go to them and pick up my package (for a small fee). Shipping to that company via FedEx is $40 from your ZIP code. I have to double check to see if they accept packages that large, but I am definately interested!

  5. Deal fell through. Bump it up a notch!
  6. where in CT?

  7. Bristol. Where is Crookfield?
  8. Brookfield(crookfield is a joke with me and my friends-maybe i should change it considering none of my friends post up here) is near Danbury.

  9. OK I thought I might be stepping into something there. Well you're about 45 minutes away from me. You're never far away when in CT!