B-15 Jesse Oliver Type Cabinet build

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  1. Kevin Cooke

    Kevin Cooke

    May 23, 2018
    So I decided I needed some new cabinets. My old ones were really tired and myself, being of a certain age, I wanted something lighter. I tried a lot of the cabinets on the shelf and they didn’t sound how I wanted them to sound and they were really expensive. So I decided that I’d try and build something of my own. My favorite amp that I’d ever used was the B-15 and maybe the best live rig I’ve heard was Joey Spampinato from NRBQ ( I was centre stage at a couple of shows) using two B-15’s stacked with a mic inside one of the cabinets. I’ve got a couple of good amp heads, So I thought I could just build the speaker box. (Purists forgive me)

    I’m not particularly skilled as a carpenter or a cabinet maker but I wanted to give it a shot.I found the plans for the B 15 online on talking bass. When I saw the plans
    I was surprised how much stuff was actually going on in cabinet. I had not realized it was this internal porting system i.e. the Port-o-flex. (duh!) I have total respect for Jesse Oliver.
    So what the heck, I’ll try it. I’d built cabinets before and I had a few ideas as to what I’d like to try. First off, I really didn’t want the weight. Baltic Birch was out because the weight and the cost. So I decided to use Aspen, it’s really inexpensive here. I dropped any part of the cabinet that I felt wasn’t responsible for sound.
    I don’t have really good cabinet making tools so I was going to have to use the basic
    stuff I’ve got around now and or borrow what I could.
    I went over to my drummer/ handy guy Tom’s place and used his table saw. Tom’s saw was not in the best shape so we replace the blade with the finer blade but we were still getting only relatively accurate cuts. This meant there was going to be a lot of Sanding. 1.jpg We cut out the basic board shapes, overall dimensions 20”x 20”x15”

    2.jpg Marked out centre point

    Jig for cutting circles


    Cutting ports

    Ruff cut front

    Port plate

    Ruff fitting the box 13.jpg

    Because I didn’t dove tail the joins, I use cedar strips for corner braces
    I permanently put the speaker grill cloth on the back of the front plate with PL and staples
    Protecting the grill


    I used picture tape and felt for the back seal 18.jpg
    wiring on the side, why-o-why do people put it on the back?
    (a bit blurry) after a lot of sanding, I thought the big blemish was kinda' cool looking eh?
    B&C Neodymium 15”

    corners on , back plate, done, 24.jpg
    The logo’s a riff on K-tel and my name, in the style of Jesse Oliver .... and a little RCAF pride,
    Cab deck alone.jpg
    I’ve used them now and the cab’s have a very strong low mid kinda’ boo bah, low horn sound, which is what I was going for and they’re very efficient, much louder than I’d expected.
    Hope this helps anyone who was thinking they'd like to build their own stuff, it wasn't too hard but it took time and sore hands (sanding really messes with my playing)
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    May 30, 2003
    Love seeing projects like this, well done!
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  3. Where, may I ask, did you get the plans & measurements?
  4. Kevin Cooke

    Kevin Cooke

    May 23, 2018
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    Aug 7, 2008
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  6. I dig it :) Always cool seeing DIY cabs and dudes coming up with cool ideas and implementing them.

    Also, always nice seeing those who serve(d) on TB. If it's not too personal, what did you do in the RCAF?
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    Apr 11, 2005
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    Turned out very sharp!
  8. Brujonica


    Jun 1, 2018
    I'm sorry, I was looking for those plans but I can't find them, only an exploded view without indication of measures. Do you know if the plans were deleted for some reason?
  9. beans-on-toast


    Aug 7, 2008
    There seems to be a misunderstanding. I haven’t posted the B-15N plans in the TalkBass Portaflex Wiki. I wouldn’t post them, it’s part of Mark’s business.

    Mark at Vintage Blue has provided many great images showing how he builds his cabinets. With the outer dimensions and knowing that Ampeg used ¾” plywood, you can derive the dimensions by inferring how to build one, with some work.

    cc: @Vintage-Blue
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