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  1. I currently use a Peavey MInimax to run both my Avatar 12 and 15 cabs; my "backup" amp, an old Ampeg B2R, died, and I feel insecure without something in reserve. Thinking of getting the Acoustic B300HD for my 4 ohm 15. I always have PA support, and--despite the onus the brand now carries--I think the wattage, size, and weight will work for me in a pinch--especially at 4 ohms. Thoughts?
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  2. Just corrected the title; I figure that at $179, how can one go wrong?
  3. Well, I bought the floor model at GC for $150 and played it out with my ten piece show band and it easily drove my 15" cab and sounded great! PA support through FOH via Radial Pro DI. Worried a bit about the top vent when it rained on us a few times, but it never blinked. We often play in outdoor FL conditions (hear, humidity, salt air, rain, wind etc.), hence my love of cheaper, more disposable gear. Tell you what, though; this thing more than did the job. No idea what all the damned knobs are about, but I just set them all at 12:00 and left them alone. Way nmore balls than I expected. I'll bet the B600 (highly regarded by Ed Freidland by the way) is even better. I know most will scoff, but real-world gigging always tells the tale.
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    Well I can’t let you be the only one posting in your thread! I don’t know about GC Acoustic brand amps. We don’t have them up here. i am happy that you like the new toy! It’s always a pleasant surprise when a new bit of gear performs better than you had hoped. :)
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    I'll join BassmanPaul in not letting you be alone in your thread. Glad to hear the amp worked out well for you. Can you give any opinions on how it compares to your Peavey? I'm pretty sure there are some out there quietly wondering.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that $150 for a new 300 watt head with warrantee is pretty damn good.
  7. The Peavey Minimax has been very reliable and simple to operate; it has a very loud fan that is not audible in live gig situations, and it is both portable and intuitive in design. As for tone, when you are being piped to the FOH via bass bins, the issue is nearly irrelevant. Nonetheless, the tone tends to be more modern than not in flat settings. The DI is noisy, so I use the Radial. The Acoustic is immediately warmer, and doesn't feel deficient in power at all. Less intuitive, even mystifying controls. Dead quiet in operation, dead quiet DI, though the latter runs a tad hot. Sound guy likes it, says it is clean. The Overdrive option is like a loudness button on an old stereo. Both are light, and sound balanced power-wise, though I know the Peavey is more powerful. I'm not a gear snob, and have had lots of "boutique" stuff in over fifty years of playing; you transport either head back to 197--or '96--and musicians would faint with envy and amazement
  8. I need a smaller rig
    Tried 300hd Loved it ordered and awaiting delivery of new one

    Matching 2-10 could not handle low B
    so looking toward Berg 2-10
  9. Update:
    Decided to return 300hd. And get the 600

    Think I'll like the lit graphic e q better

    We have a great GC and will work with me to my satisfaction
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